Taking on a new attitude this 2017

Sorry guys, it took me a while to get back to blogging. These days, I’m a bit under the weather. It’s disappointing to greet the New Year with clogged nose and fever. Then when I got back to work, it seems my workmates were also bogged down with flu… Everyone seems to be either sneezing… Continue reading Taking on a new attitude this 2017

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The 21 Memorable Things I did in Sydney

My aunt was right!–I was crazy to spend just 6 days in Sydney! But I truly enjoyed that short vacation even if I had to skip some things I wanted to do when my mom and I were there. I’ve heard a lot of my friends rave about Sydney and there I was, finally having… Continue reading The 21 Memorable Things I did in Sydney

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Faithful is He

I’m sorry my dear followers. I know I haven’t posted much blogs lately. Having a hard time catching up …So many things just happening around the country and around the world…Time flies so quickly. Hope I can just catch my breath, ‘coz in just a few days its gonna be…2017!!! So for all its worth,… Continue reading Faithful is He

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Blue Mountains National Park

It’s a good thing my aunt and her hubby asked us to stay for a few days at their home in Rooty Hill. It’s a few minutes drive to Australia’s famous Blue Mountains. The most perfect day trip experience if you’re Sydney-bound.   This rugged region west of Sydney has attracted a lot of local… Continue reading Blue Mountains National Park

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Touchdown Sydney

Wow! Had no words at the moment… I’m still in a state of euphoria. Just came back from a six-day vacation and this time from…Sydney!!! So happy and excited and so thankful to the Lord for another fave spot stricken off my bucket list. I’m ecstatic! 😀 I remember when I was a kid, I… Continue reading Touchdown Sydney


‘He Can Catch You When You Fall’

I just finished reading beauty queen turned blogger-evangelist Miriam Quiambao-Roberto’s book “He Can Catch You When You Fall” which I bought recently during the 37th International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center. I was fortunate to buy the book for only a P100, plus get it signed by the author itself and have a… Continue reading ‘He Can Catch You When You Fall’

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Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

Hot pots are the best during rainy season, when you can practically drag the whole family and friends to huddle in one table together, stirring your fave hotpot ingredients in hot swirling pork/chicken broth while chatting on day-to-day experiences. Definitely the best get-together experience for any occasion. Four Seasons Hotpot restaurant at the bay strip… Continue reading Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

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When in Cebu, try Rico’s

Are you craving for scrumptious lechon while in Cebu? Then consider this a heads up: try dining at Rico’s. I’ve tasted a hundred version of the Pinoy’s revered succulent roasted pig, but when I’m in Cebu,  my gastronomic compass points me to Rico’s  Lechon restaurant.       Be careful, though, if you’re experiencing some… Continue reading When in Cebu, try Rico’s

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Aurora’s Millennium Tree

I know I’m blogging this part of my Aurora travel adventure a bit late. The truth is I nearly forgot this was even part of our itinerary when we spent our time here last Holy Week! If I didn’t check out the photos in my old phone (which my mom is now using), I would… Continue reading Aurora’s Millennium Tree

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Creamy Pork and Beans Pasta

These rainy days, I’m a lazy chef. Can’t get my creative juices out and just wish I can spend the whole day in bed snuggled under the pillows. But unfortunately, work, work, work, work, work…gets in the way. 😦 Recently, I’m trying to cut down on carbs and curb my unhealthy eating habits. I’m now… Continue reading Creamy Pork and Beans Pasta