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Tokyo Tower

Visiting the N-Seoul Tower in South Korea made me recall my travel experience at Tokyo Tower in Japan. I haven’t thought of sharing that experience here in my blog until I got to see Seoul’s version of their own communications tower and I couldn’t help but reminisce.

Without a doubt, visiting both tourist attractions are a welcome and unforgettable experience. It’s just that Tokyo Tower supposedly came first on my list. I just hadn’t found time to journal it yet (I think I’m lazy) so I’m doing it now.

going up to the observatory deck

I remember being clueless when two of my colleagues in the Japanese fellowship study urged us to drop by Tokyo Tower in Minato after attending a press meeting with Japan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry. Since we always go as a group all of us were eager to go. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take a side tour of this place?

And once you’re there at the observation deck, you would be utterly amazed to get an excellent 360 degree magnificent view of Tokyo’s megalopolis right before your very eyes.

Compared to N-Seoul Tower which stands 236.7 meters tall or 777ft, Tokyo Tower stands at 332.5 meters or 1,091 ft, but N-Seoul Tower rests atop a mountain (Mt. Namsan) which adds to its height. It gives a panoramic view of Seoul’s city as well, especially at night.  I’m  sure we would have also been treated to a splendid late night view of Tokyo had we passed this iconic structure late in the evening.

There are restaurants and shops at the Tower where you can buy souvenirs. Compared outside, we figured out that prices of souvenir items here are cheaper and of good quality.

There’s also a mini-Shinto shrine at the deck , plus a museum that showcases the beginnings of the Tokyo tower.

I read somewhere that Japan is attempting another communications edifice which is as tall as Tokyo Tower–Tokyo Sky Tree–which the Japanese government plans to open to the public in 2012. (That’s next year!)

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying I can visit Japan once again soon… 😀

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