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Looking ahead versus looking back

NEW YEAR–New beginnings, new hope. Time surely pass by so fast. If time is tangible I would have hoped it has strings that I can pull so I can hold on to a memory which I cherish and or loosen my grip on a memory  that I’d choose to let go. Some years back, that’s my drama. But now, I’m not too eager to make my own year-end recollection. It’s not that I’m unappreciative of the fortune I gained last year, but rather I found myself anticipating exciting events to happen more this time around. I feel there are many things to do, so much to talk about and more miracles to expect this 2012.

Almost all TV networks were running year-end news reports when I switched on channels during New Year’s Eve. Tragedies, showbiz personalities on who married and split up, controversial crimes, national calamities –flashed on the screen—as if screaming “THIS IS 2011!” I got tired and scoured the channels and then settled watching (guess what?): KBS Drama Awards! Hahaha! It was aired live and so there were no English subtitles for me and my mom to understand what these Korean celebrities were saying but we can make out what’s happening and who won the major and minor acting awards. I was watching this alternately with local news reports and interesting year-end documentaries.

Other shows, meanwhile, run predictions for 2012 with Chinese astrologers as guests. It’s the Year of the Dragon; for the Chinese this means an excellent year for those born in the Year of the Monkey, Rat and Rooster. I’m supposed to be born in the monkey year so would that mean I could venture into monkey business? Hehe just kidding. But as far as I’m concerned, these astrologers most of the time would only give general predictions.

There are many reasons why people opt to talk about things which happened in the past. Some like talking about past hurts, disappointments, having a bumpy life and when the conversation starts, the retelling account gives birth to self-serving versions. Others do this to inflate one’s ego, especially if the year was too good for them and they have achieved their goals and dreams they have prayed hard for. I’m not saying it’s bad to bring the past up. But there’s something I learned about making an active choice whether to wallow in the mud or just taking a big leap.

I’ve never really believed making New Year’s resolution is achievable. For some it might be true –congratulations if you did–but for me, sometimes it’s cumbersome and most of the times depressing if you failed to achieve it. So rather than spend my energy lingering on what lies behind, I’m now more inclined to move onward. You see I learned that looking ahead would entail us to just accept the things we cannot change and by taking a step forward we can make remedial adjustments. I refuse to carry a heavy, dragging weight because there’s always a choice we can make and that is “forgetting what lies behind and striving towards the prize” as Brother Paul said in Philippians 3:13.

Not that I’m jumping off the cliff unsure of what I’m landing on. No, I have my plans, I have my goals, but though I am listing them, I am letting my faith in God just take on. Lord, here’s my calendar. If it’s part of Your plan to help this goal be realized or not at this time and place, it’s up to You. After all, Lord, you will never leave me nor forsake me.

Thus, I have resolved that this year I will keep my doors open so opportunities and blessings would come in. That way, my faith in the Lord would be strengthened and like Jabez’s courageous prayer, I would be blessed and my territories would enlarge. J

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