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Wursty, Wursty!

I’m not a fan of German food, well at least, that’s what I thought before I got to try Wursty! Wursty!

It was one Thursday night when a sweet friend, Cely, decided to bring me along to a see an acquaintance who first introduced her to this newest  diner located at the FoodStreet in Ortigas Home Depot in Pasig City. Honestly, when she first asked me if I’m up to try authentic German cuisine, I had second thoughts.

The first and the last time I entered a German restaurant, as I recall was  six years ago when I was asked to attend a special event held in Schwarzwälder at the Atrium in Makati City. I can’t say it was a good experience then, maybe because I didn’t get the chance to savor the dishes served correctly because I was in a hurry.

But when she asked me if I would go along with them, I decided not to waste the opportunity. Maybe this time, a German  food trip would be worthwhile.

Ed Lindo, consultant of this franchise, and Maureen de Lantar graciously welcomed and ushered us to our dining table. With a loud dance music on the background coupled with a dark interior with subtle lighting on, we initially felt being on party mode. Looking around, one might initially feel the place is stuffy because of the small space, but I admire the furniture, including the tables and chairs, which Maureen said were all from Finland. After starting on some conversation, we allowed ourselves to just get the feel of the place while munching on some crunchy pretzels.

Some of the food we ordered while waiting for other friends to arrive included the Mediterranean salad, and their famous bratswurst–one spicy and one that’s sweet.

After a while we were introduced to the owner, Marem Kocak, jolly Belgian, who immediately engaged us to a warm conversation on local politics. When I asked him what ‘Wursty’ means he simply said it means “sausages.” Marem boastfully announces that Wursty, Wursty! offers the best of authentic German food.

To prove his point, he made us try Wursty’s bestsellers:

The Chicken doner, for me, was a winner.  Looks like its a German version of the  Shawarma but its much better. It was served to us hot off the grill and the crunchy texture of the veggies complemented the sauce and the slices of grilled chicken in the wrap.

Wursty’s grilled chicken with complementary fries and garden salad on the side  was also memorable. You actually don’t need to put sauce into it because biting into the chicken, you’d already find it so tasty. I wish I can get their secret recipe for this.

We’re also glad to know we didn’t go wrong in choosing their Mediterranean salad. The veggies are fresh and crunchy, alternately helping ourselves to a mouthful while feasting on the chicken and sausages.

We were practically having a feast. We were so full we were bursting, but Marem wasn’t finished showcasing the best of Wursty, Wursty! We were then cajoled to take a shot of Schnapps.

I’m not a drinker so I was hesitant at first. I thought the red wine I ordered earlier would suffice but Marem was persistent and challenged us to try down it in one go. Unfortunately, I’m the only who didn’t get to finish my glass. However, I find its fruity taste refreshing. Ed said Schnapps is not really a hard drink. On the contrary it helps  aid digestion.

I just like the fact that these little shot glasses are marked bad shot, good shot.. cute!… 😀

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