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Reflections of a Filipino visual artist

Last month, I got a rare invitation from an award-winning Filipino realist painter to view his masterpieces right inside his home. It was an opportunity I dare not miss; after all, it’s not every day I get to know somebody who is a staple in the visual art scene. I am no art connoisseur but I have a knack for art works especially those that were crafted with ingenuity. That is why, when Christian “Chris” Mirang’s wife, Jo (or ate Jo) asked me for some publicity help, I eagerly accepted the invitation to view his works.

I’ve met some visual artists and heard about quite a few but I find Kuya Chris an exceptional realist painter. When I viewed his latest set of works at his home in La Marea in San Pedro, Laguna, I was really impressed at his God-given wisdom and talent. He is actually preparing for his fourth exhibit this month, March 24, at the Art for Space in Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City, and which he titled Reflections.

I like the fact that he is a versatile painter. A fine arts, major in advertising graduate of the Philippine Women’s University, Mirang has had numerous occasions to showcase his talent and win in competitions. He was featured by Manuel Duldalao in the Century of Realism in Philippine Art  and included him in the roster of Twentieth Century Filipino Artists by the author. In a candid interview, Mirang tells me his forte was actually watercolor painting. But this year, he is emerging with a new set of painting using oil and acrylic.

When I asked him why he chose oil and acrylic as his medium for his fourth exhibit, Mirang said it’s all because he has recognized that potential buyers are very hard to find these days.

“It’s really difficult to sell a painting. Some clients don’t want watercolor painting because they have to buy a glass frame to effectively preserve the painting. Others actually think oil and acrylic is the most expensive medium.

Aquarelle, however, is a difficult and challenging medium to use that is why it is also expensive. However, aware of the impact of the global  financial crisis, Mirang shifts to oil and acrylic which is potentially cost-effective.

“I admit it’s difficult nowadays to sell even just a piece, but I trust in God’s word. I do so by faith. I know that with Him all things are possible.”

More importantly, Mirang said he made it a point to use his visual talent to bring about God’s glory and to advance his kingdom.

Indeed, one would be amazed by his testimony which was reflected in the following portraits he painted.

Class of Glass
From Bird’s Point of View
Reflections 2012
Reflections #9
Up Close
Reflections # 10

I am so fortunate to have met a guy like him. Not only is he a God-fearing artist, he uses his passion for the virtual arts to share God’s grace and goodness and inspire everyone to live life happily and blessed. 🙂

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