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The Red Paper Boat

This acrylic painting was given to me as a thank you gift. Thanks to Mr. Chris Mirang, one formidable hyperrealist painters in the Philippines, whom I had earlier featured here in my blog and at the lifestyle section of the Manila Bulletin. At one glance, one might think this is just a simple, idyllic scene in a pond. But truly, this creation is laden with so much meaning.

The Red Paper Boat signifies man in a journey of his life and experiences the vast disturbances while in water. But the red enamel coating it gives it the buoyancy needed to keep it steady. Why red? I asked Kuya Chris. Red, he said, connotes the blood of Christ that saved man from sin and gave him eternal life.

The three koi fish symbolizes the Holy Trinity which guards, guides and consoles the Christian man in his life journey. As man go through life’s struggles and victories, the Lord keeps watch nearby and influences the water’s current to steer the red paper boat in the right direction.

With this painting, I am reminded once again of God’s goodness and wisdom. Indeed, even simple scenes in everyday life like this gives us an insight on His power and omniscience.

Viewers looking at this piece may have a different interpretation. But for Mirang, this is how God is speaking to him when he worked on this craft. And I agree with his analysis 100 percent.

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails,” Proverbs 19:21. (NIV)

The Red Paper Boat (2010), Acrylic on Canvas, Chris Mirang




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