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And I’m Glad It’s Over…

I’m back to blogging! Thank God that it’s finally over. And I’m referring to the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona which lasted for five grueling months starting in January and which ended just this last week of May.

The Chief Justice on Trial; photo courtesy of

The month of May was really a very hectic and toxic month for me and kept me away from my blog. But it’s an exhilarating feeling to be part of history. The first time that I was able to witness and cover first hand the impeachment and ultimately the ouster of one of the highest and powerful government official in the Philippines. Just thinking about it, made me thank God that I was born for this kind of job. My, I’m proud of it!

The Corona trial was some real life drama that unfolded before our very eyes, besting even the best dramas I’ve watched on TV. While I rejoice to know that the impeachment brought about that sense of democratic awareness in me, it ended on a sad note for the one who was on trial. For the Chief Justice, his family and his followers. I can’t help feel sympathy towards him, having been the one judiciously following developments in his camp. But  just as it is I know, as what the Bible tells us “There is a time for everything.”  Maybe it was just Corona’s day of reckoning and that was that DAY–May 29 when majority of the senator-judges, 20 to be exact voted to remove him from office after finding him guilty of betrayal of public trust and violating provisions of the Constitution.

But as all the key actors and players in the dramas would have it, I too have decided to close this chapter, this episode in Philippine history and move on with my life. Life goes on. And this, I pray would be the start of a new beginning for me as I bask in the knowledge that God is in control of whatever circumstances we are in.

And so, I am moving on…doing what I love to do best. Feeding on my wanderlust, curiosity and most of all, feeding my stomach with all the good stuff I want.  🙂





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