gustatory exploits

Food Trips @ Home

I missed food. I mean real food.  The likes I can do at home. But I’m glad that after a month of being caught up with a heavy work load. I can now relax and do something to feed my worn out mind and body. I need some nutritious food to supplement the lost energy and tired mind after covering a rigorous five-month impeachment trial.

So after the impeachment trial (of Philippine SC Chief Justice Renato Corona) concluded last May, I cooked some stuff during my Saturday day off and treated myself (and my mom) to a sumptuous lasagna, a Norwegian salmon baked in paper,slices of melon fruit and an avocado smoothie.

I found baking lasagna on two oval ceramic bowls so cute and artsy. I had to top it with more mozzarella cheese to make it creamier and salty. I had to adjust the cheese for my mom though, because her doctor has advised her to go on a diet. (And I am not!)

Immediately after the lasagna was cooked, I popped the Norwegian salmon which I wrapped in parchment paper into the oven. I only seasoned it with a tablespoon of butter, a little salt and pepper and put some slices of lemon on before wrapping it up. I read somewhere that baking in paper is a healthier option. I don’t know the med facts but the truth is, I ran out of aluminum foils so the ones available which is the parchment paper I use when baking cookies, came in handy.

And lastly, avocados! These fruits are abundant during summer and the only thing I know to give justice to it is by grating it and blending it with one pack of Nestle Cream and a can of condensed milk. This is just heaven!

Oh what a reward…Cheers!

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