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Lost in KL

Putra Mosque

Truth be told, I was overjoyed after knowing I’d finally get that much-needed holiday. Just last weekend, I had the privilege of visiting Malaysia’s federal capital, Kuala Lumpur. Though it was a (very) short vacation, I cherish the fact God gave me this chance again to relax and wind up after five months of a hectic coverage and recharge myself. And just like what I said earlier, I am back to my old self. Truly, traveling gives each one of us an opportunity to regenerate, reflect and savor the best things life has to offer.

KL Tower

There’s something about Malaysia that strikes a chord in my heart whenever some of my friends would ask if I’d like to go on an adventure trip with them here. Until last month, I wasn’t convinced that a visit to KL would be possible. But I’ve been intrigued many times what “Malaysia: truly Asia” has to offer to those stricken with wanderlust like me and what lies beyond the TV  plug-ins I see on cable TV featuring this lush city. But any reservations I had just flew out of the window after coming here. It’s a dynamic city and I can attest to the fact, that KL is a thriving metropolis a savvy traveler shouldn’t miss.  That’s what I discovered–and I love it.

Petronas Twin Towers

I have so much to say on each place we visited. Later, maybe I could take some time talking in detail about some of the iconic spots we visited like the most sought after Petronas Towers and the KL Tower. One shouldn’t miss also how Malaysians perfectly intertwined politics and tourism while cruising along Putrajaya.

typical Malaysian cuisine

For foodies! Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom is a must place to visit and shop for premium Malaysian chocolates. Of course, Malaysian cuisine is an extraordinary gastronomic experience itself. (Mind you, it really is especially if you have an affinity with spicy dishes.)

What else can I say? Honestly, I’m still lost for words, like I’m suffering from a mega hang-over. Sometimes, I hate it when time flies so swiftly. How I sincerely wish I had at least a week to explore KL.

a view of the KL skyline at Petronas

Oh well…never mind, who knows? I may have another opportunity to come back. Places like Genting, Penang and Malacca in Malaysia, which I didn’t have the chance to see, gives me enough reason to mark my calendar for another anticipated trip in KL.

staring down at the numerous high-end stores while inside hotel room

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