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The Mind Museum

Once, I found myself thinking of ways to spend some good quality time with my  “inaanak” (god daughter) whom I haven’t seen for quite sometime.  I heard from her mother she got high grades and is an achiever in pre-school. I’m so proud of her. Her parents, I’m sure, were ecstatic. That’s when I realized I should give her a treat–an extra special treat.

So one day, I decided to bring Jasmine, her four year old sister Nicole whom I also consider my “inaanak” and their whole family to Mind Museum in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City together with my mom for an enjoyable,  “mind-moving” experience.

inside the lobby of The Mind Museum

Proudly, Filipino in concept, from artists to fabricators. The Mind Museum features fun science exhibits that is sure to educate the minds of the younger generation. Here, viewers are given an overview of nature’s vast powers, from the microscopic (atom) to the colossal (the universe)  and anything in between.

Thus, the exhibits are divided into five scientific principles: Atom, Earth,  Life, Universe and Technology. Almost all displayed articles are interactive which the kids would truly enjoy as they get all engaged. Here are some of the photos I took while inside:

refresh your memory…on the different parts of the          Human Brain
colorful planets
at the Atoms Gallery
Aedi, the robot who welcomes visitors just upon entering the gallery

The great thing about this exhibit is that it’s not only enjoyable for kids but for adults as well.

relearn the evolution of man at the Life Gallery

What enjoyed most was the chance to watch two mini-films at the Nature’s Hour Glass which is titled Birthplace (a 3-D animated film about the Earth’s natural history 4.6 billion years ago) and Simula which showcased the natural history of the Philippines. The truth is, I was a bit teary-eyed because it reminded me of God’s vast powers and might contrasting to man’s limited strength. It was like I was reading the first part of the book of Genesis all over again.

watch how the earth was formed inside the Nature’s Hour Glass

We stayed inside the museum for more than two hours, though visitors can stay up to a maximum of three hours. Besides the gallery tour, guests can also check out the JY Campos Park and the Science Park just outside the museum. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit these parks because it rained.

But still, we all had a fun time learning the basics of science with our short stay here. The Mind Museum is only open every Saturdays and Sundays, and those who wish to enjoy the museum should plan their visit carefully. Tickets are not at all pricey, and they even offer discounts for students and senior citizens. I was also told children below two feet enjoy free entrance. It’s a nice way to enjoy family reunions too, as we saw some of the visitors, including Foreign Affairs Secretary Del Rosario (a very busy person) with his grand children having a great time unwinding at The Mind Museum.  🙂

on the way up to the Technology gallery…

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