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Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir

I could vaguely recall the years when martial law prevailed in the Philippines. I was born in 1980 and the recollection I had of one of the darkest moments in the country’s history was when I was six years old. My mom used to bring me to work in Makati City where we would coincidentally see a large number of rallyists wearing stark yellow shirts stomping on the streets of EDSA Ayala Avenue in protest of the Marcos regime.

Twenty years later, I had the privilege to cover one of the most respected government institutions, the Senate, where ironically, the supposed “implementer” of the martial law years now stood as its leader. I have had numerous interviews with the man fondly called by his peers as “Manong Johnny” and have always marveled at his intellectual capacity, his wit, humor and even his temper.

Now, he is baring it all in a book that ABS-CBN Publishing helped him publish. I haven’t bought my own copy yet. Last time, I checked, it was already out of stock. The price is a bit steep, at P1,600 but I seriously believe I wouldn’t be disappointed to own a 700-paged memoir written by one of the most fascinating, prolific, veteran lawmaker in the land.

But as he pointed out in the preface of his book, Enrile said the  book is about “my thoughts and reflections on my own experiences.” Indeed, I”d like to see how the Philippine’s political history unfolded in the eyes of third most powerful person in the country.

In writing the book, Enrile carefully stressed that he lays “no claim to a monopoly of the truth” and that many of the events in the book are events that not only he but the whole nation witnessed and experienced.”

“This book is simply my own rendition of what I know to be true because I was there, and I lived through and survived all these events,” he said.

“The people I mention and the events I depict here were those that I had personally encountered and witnessed along my journey. I have no intention to make myself look good at the expense of others, or to settle old scores with anyone,” Enrile further said.
I am in search for truth; there have been questions bugging me. Thus, I will buy Enrile’s memoir, to find some answers.

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