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Christmas Shopping Frenzy

In all my eagerness to join the Christmas rush, I have to put blogging aside. Sorry guys, I have to do this, I’ve just got to do this. I didn’t know it will take me almost a month before I start another entry here.

2012-12-07 17.20.52

When I saw a TV network announced its opening on Nov. 16, I made a mental note of the things I want to buy at the Noel Bazaar. I love bazaars, and each time there’s a bazaar opening at the World Trade Center, I make a mental vow to frequent the place as much as I can.

2012-11-16 17.17.40

But as expected, bazaars are overwhelming. And if like me, you feel the same way, I have some suggestions on how to maximize and enjoy bazaar shopping.

2012-11-16 17.16.49

1. Consider making a list. List items you wish to buy for your gift beneficiaries. This way, you won’t be sidetracked when you see items on display which you feel you’d want to buy for yourself first.

2. Start browsing from the farther left/ right end of the booth. Finish browsing through until you reach the end then come back for a second run. Try not to buy right away. This way, you’d know by now what items caught your fancy and where you’d buy after checking out the prices and which stall owner would give you a nice discount.

3. Haggling is fun. Haggle for the lowest price possible so there’s more room to negotiate with the shopkeeper until you arrive at a comfortable price.

4. Some vendors offer big discounts when you buy in bulk. But be careful. Check each items before you buy them.

5. BYOB: bring your own (eco) bag. It saves you the hassle  of having to carry lots of baggages in your hand. It’s also environmentally-beneficial.

2012-11-16 17.17.51

I’m sure you have a other suggestions too. Maybe you could share more?

2012-11-16 17.17.07

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