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Dining at the New Spiral

Sofitel Hotel’s Spiral Restaurant has always topped my list of favorite dining spots in Manila and boy am I glad to see it weeks after it was relaunched in November 2012.

Together with some friends, we checked out Spiral’s revamped look last December when we were there for lunch. We were immediately overwhelmed at how this popular buffet restaurant managed to overcome the devastation caused by typhoon “Pedring.”  

I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures because we were already hungry by the time we got there.

It’s just amazing at how the Sofitel management spent to redesign and re-conceptualize the whole place to establish it once again as a premier dining venue in Manila… (

2012-11-22 12.11.22 2012-11-22 12.15.10 2012-11-22 12.15.28 2012-11-22 12.16.02 2012-11-22 12.16.31

2012-11-22 12.24.46

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