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Look natural with Naturactor

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Starting this month, I will blag about my beauty frustrations, and how I came to live by my beauty philosophy: Less is best, simpler the better.

I’m very low maintenance when it comes to a daily beauty regimen.  Maybe it has to do with my mom warning me when I was at the onset of puberty not to put too much gunk on my face, or to be too conscious of my body and how I look. “God made you the way you look today,” she said, but of course with no  fanfare at all the way Lady Gaga sung “I Was Born This Way..”

Now, I found a new ‘best friend’ just late last year. I bought this “Naturactor” from a friend whose working as a TV newscaster.

I’m always into concealers because of the dark circles around my eyes. I’ve tried almost every concealers available in the market to camouflage it, yet it left me unsatisfied.

That is until this friend of mine asked me to try this Japanese makeup from Meiko Cosmetics.

It’s actually hard to find this eye-bag concealer, which I consider really, the best. Many of those who use this brand are newscasters and some celebrity. However, it’s difficult to find and buy one because this product is sourced from Japan. But I assure you once you get to use one, you’re going to love it and use it frequently.

I like the fact that Naturactor perfectly offsets the dark circles under my eyes especially if I happen to get little sleep. I’ve been using it faithfully for the last 9 months now and ditched the MAC I bought at Rustan’s Makati. I can even use it as a semi-foundation as it provides a nice cover to my pimples and skin blemishes. The effect is a natural, flawless Asian look.

The price of this concealer varies depending on the seller. One time, I contacted somebody I saw selling Naturactor at but she was selling it for P1,800! It was super steep but she assured me she’s selling an authentic one.

Thankfully, when my friend’s friend had a chance to go back to Japan, she was able to buy  a few boxes and to our delight she sold it to us at a lesser price of P900.

I got shade #151, which even it was darker, complemented my fairer skin tone.

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