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Korean dramas I watched in 2012 (2nd part)

I promised a second batch after writing the first part.

So here’s what other K-dramas in 2012 that’s most memorable for me…

8. Haeundae Lovers—is a rom-com about a state prosecutor who went undercover to infiltrate a family of gangster but met an accident, lost his memory and fell in love with the mob boss’s daughter.


9. Faith –I thought I’ve had enough of medical drama since I watched Surgeon Bong Dalhee. But this fantasy K-drama turns as back in time to the Goryeo dynasty. I watched it because of Lee Min Ho who plays the royal guard of King Gongmin of the Goryeo kingdom. He plays General Choi Young who time travels to modern Korea to kidnap a plastic surgeon and brings her to the old world to operate on the queen. As usual, they fall in love later on. There’s a male counterpart K-drama for this, Dr. Jin, but I haven’t watched it, and I think I’ll do so later.

faith k drama

10. The Equator Man (Man From the Equator)—starred Uhm Tae Woong (Queen Seon Deok, 2 Days & 1 Night) that’s why I decided to sit and watch this. It’s about two unlikely buddies who had a tragic and twisted fate that followed them from their youth to their adulthood. The betrayal, revenge and romantic plot made it an ideal drama for me.


11. Brain—another medical drama about top neurosurgeons battling out for success and fame. Professional jealousies in and out of the hospital make it an interesting drama.

brain k drama

12. Bad Guy (Nappeum Namja)—I watched it because of Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seon Deok). Though this SBS drama has been aired since 2010, I only got to finish it last year. KNG here plays the illegitimate son of a chaebol who was discarded as a child after the wife tampered with the DNA results. He came back years later as an adult, seduced the female members of the family and planned the family’s downfall. What I didn’t like about this is that it ended tragically and KNG was forced to cut filming because he was already being called to do military duty. Good news is, he’s now back in the entertainment industry.

bad guy k drama

13. Ojakgyo family—the best thing about family dramas the Korean way is that its witty and educational. Joo Won was again part of this drama and it was a refreshing role for him after a heavy acting in Baker King. It’s about four brothers living in a farm with their parents. The oldest is a physical therapist, the second is a journalist, the third a policeman and the youngest is a seasonal model and a playboy.  How they found the love of their lives is a must-watch. Check out too Joo Won’s chemistry with UEE but personally, I was more interested getting to see the romance develop between the second son, the journalist who fell with another competitive reporter.


14. My Husband’s Got a Family (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, Unexpected You)—is another favorite family drama worth watching. It’s about Yunhee, a TV drama director who thinks that marrying an adoptee is the perfect opportunity to free yourself from nosy in-laws. Everything is perfect until the day they found out that their next door neighbors were actually her husband’s real family. Now she has to deal with her father-in-law , mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law and three sisters-in-law who all rolled into her life unexpectedly. Watch it and think if it’s not as crazy as your family.

unexpected you

14. Rooftop Prince—this fantasy rom-com really had me rolling on the floor; another time travel K-drama, this time it’s about a Joseon crown prince who ended up in the modern world together with his closest entourage to find out about the mysterious death of his wife. But as the drama progresses, the crown prince eventually learns the truth about his wife and his sister-in-law.

rooftop prince

15. Innocent Man (Nice Guy) –is not as innocent as it seem, nor is it as nice as you thought the characters would portray. It is actually a dark melodrama about love, betrayal and revenge. It’s about a promising medical student whose life suddenly turns for the worse after taking responsibility of his girlfriend’s crime. The girl becomes the mistress of a wealthy businessman whose at odds with his daughter. It’s the classic tale of a man seducing the daughter of his nemesis for revenge but a little twisted.


16. IRIS (1) – when it comes to espionage drama, K-dramas really nail it. Watch this one and it’s the closest idea you can get on the relationship between North and South Koreans. Stellar cast includes Lee Byung-hun whose now in Hollywood and Kim Tae Hee, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So-Yeon and Big Bang’s T.O.P. I’m now watching its sequel IRIS 2 also in KBS World.


17. Cinderella’s Step Sister—the title itself is promising. Two stepsisters whose personalities are extreme opposites finally battle their personal angst to resurrect the brewery left by their father. It was indeed a tear-jerker but I’m glad of the light and cute moments fused in between episodes. I still find that little brother of theirs so cute with his acting.


18. Jeon Woo Chi—I watched it because it has Cha Tae-Hyun (2Days & 1 Night) as its main lead. He plays the famous Taoist wizard who disguises himself as a wimpy reporter to pursue another bad wizard. He eventually becomes a Joseon hero after saving the king and the kingdom. The role is good for CTH because he is really a funny guy.

jeon woo chi

19. My Daughter Seo Yeong –just wrapped up recently but I was hooked to this poignant family drama. It portrays a woman’s broken relationship with her father. How she eventually learned to forgive her father, through the help of her husband and her brother is a good lesson to anyone wanting to forge a stronger daughter-father relationship.


I don’t think I’m stopping here ‘coz I know there’s a lot more good K-dramas that we could all watch this 2013. I’d just have to wait for all of that to finish. Then, maybe next year, I could round up all of the remarkable K-dramas I watched for this year. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Korean dramas I watched in 2012 (2nd part)

  1. I’m currently catching up on Korean dramas and I have a couple of your recommendations already lined up. I didn’t realize how much I missed this addiction until I watched Sunkyunkwan Scandal recently. So far, I’ve finished three in a week. 😀

  2. I watched Sunkyunkwan Scandal. KBS World always have re-run of that drama but it didn’t appeal to me. Anyway, I have a copy of Bad Guy. Try to watch it and Love Rain…I recommended Love Rain to Jenny 😀

    Hey have you watched Mary Stayed Up All Night? (Marry Me Mary?)

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