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Caffe Bene: for a change…

When I was in Seoul, there were lots of Caffe Bene restaurants around. But it was in Eastwood, Libis where I had my Caffe Bene experience.

2013-02-26 19.09.07

I went here with two other blogger friends (Jen and Gelo) last year even though I was skeptical at first because I haven’t been to Eastwood! Anyway, when I got there ( I was the first to arrive) I was really impressed at the shop’s façade: clean, homey and earthy interiors. I was momentarily stunned to see Caffe Bene’s two-storey shop side by side with giant coffee chain shops Starbucks and TCBTL.

2013-02-26 19.31.11

This South Korean-based coffee chain shop, opened here in the Philippines last November 2012. When I was in Seoul just last April, I saw plenty of Caffe Bene shops but I didn’t get to try it there. My mom and I frequented the Paris Croissant pastry shops  instead. Good thing I had my experience here in Manila. As they say, it’s better to experience it at home.


I guess it gained popularity after it was featured in the Korean drama Secret Garden—one of my favorite dramas from Kimchiland! Just like the Coffee Prince coffee shop that was used for the K-drama Coffee Prince, Caffe Bene was used as a setting in one of the episodes in Secret Garden.


I do admit I have a caffeine addiction. As a coffee lover, my taste buds usually gravitate towards familiar coffee hangouts like Starbucks, Figaro or the TCBTL (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). But I think I’m having another favorite.

The three of us joined other bloggers that night for a taste test to learn how Caffe Bene coffee is different from the usual coffee brands.

2013-02-26 18.55.38

Upstairs, we huddled into groups then made to check out three different coffee variety.  Three different cups, three different coffee beans. Which one is Caffe Bene’s signature flavor? 

2013-02-26 19.04.18

2013-02-26 19.08.55

You wouldn’t know until you take a sip. After pouring hot water into the cups laden with different ground coffee beans, we let it steep for about  5 minutes. The best way to fully appreciate its taste is by first smelling its aroma. So after steeping, we broke the foam on the surface of the coffee, skimmed and smelled. Then taking a spoon, we were instructed to let the liquid wallow inside our mouth then spit it in a container.

I tried the first cup at the right side of the picture. The pure taste of THIS coffee was mild, sweet. Not bitter at all. I knew then this is the One.

One of the organizers who I’ve spoken to told me Caffe Bene sources their beans from Ipanema but they also get to combine other beans from Guatemala, Columbia and Kenya.

I later found out on their website, Caffe Bene’s version is a Medium Roast Espresso. That’s the reason why it’s mild and sweet because most of the coffee shops I KNOW, serve Dark Roast coffee.

Perfect for stubborn-acidic-coffee-loving-people like me! 😀


A cup of a signature Caffe Bene coffee is good paired with:

2013-02-26 19.48.11

…their light Liege Waffle topped with Caramel Banana Cream (delicioso!)…

2013-02-26 19.41.13

…their Blue Berry Cream Cheese Waffle (yummy! yummy!) and their Garlic and Cheese Honey Bread (Burp! Sorry I’m so full)…

>>>All’s well that ends well…especially when you end your meal with a…

2013-02-26 20.00.12

…refreshing Red Bean Bingsu!!!  Think of the Korean version of the Pinoy’s Halo-halo!;-)

Because Eastwood is far from my home and work (social life in general), I’m  so glad for the chance to “take home” my own Caffe Bene.

2013-03-02 07.06.48

I’m raring to back in Eastwood so that I could try Caffe Bene’s Frappes, Gelato and their other specialty drinks. 😀

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