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Those beach-y moments…

pics at ipad mini 024

Whenever I yearn for solitude, I browse for beach photos stored in my laptop during out of town trips. Reminiscing those moments I was near tranquil waters, resigned peacefully to the healing power of God’s nature is enough to bring me back to sanity.

Incidentally, one of the images that popped on my computer screen was the sight of Dakak’s pristine beach resort which I happened to visit when I went down the Southern Philippines while covering an election campaign trail last April.

At that time, my mind was in desperate need of a moment’s respite; I was tensed then because I’m minding a deadline (every writer’s woes) and I figured then I’m in dire need of a breather. I remember exactly, that after finishing off my articles, I headed straight to the shoreline and glorying in nature, breathing in the fresh light breeze fanning my face.

2013-05-03 17.38.20

The last time I had my “beach-y” moments were in Boracay and in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro. I like being in a pensive mood. It’s that time when we get to think that those unfortunate moments in our lives have a purpose. And then you get to renew your purpose. You leave the beach renewed, recharged as if all those things were washed away by the currents and scrubbed clean by those soft, silky fine sand.

pics at ipad mini 026

Oh, well. I guess I’m just missing the places I’ve gone to this  summer. Thank you Lord for these little blessings that come my way.

I’m blessed to be living in the Philippines which is worldly renowned for having one of the best beaches in the world. Now that summer’s officially over, and the rainy season has set in, my bucket photos of my beach experiences will keep me entertained and looking forward to another hot, fun summer.  🙂

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