itchy feet cravings



We spent our last day in Seoul going around Gwanghwamun, Insadong and touring the Bukchon Hanok village. Mom was pretty tired and the uphill climb at Bukchon really gave her time to ‘work out.’ Now, thinking back, I’m glad she didn’t conk out and was ‘game’ when I asked her to strengthen her sore legs because we are going to spend our remaining eight hours in Seoul walking some more.

On our way to Bukchon village we encountered a Filipino couple who were, shall we say, clueless on their ‘next to’ destination while in Seoul. So I suggested they join us in our walking tour to Buckhon so we can also have good company.

Last time I was here with Jen, we didn’t go all the way up to the village. I’m surprised at myself that I was able to convince mom to endure scaling the streets of the village which can be pretty daunting for a 71-year -old.

Mom and I both love old houses. Just like in the K-dramas we’ve watched on local TV, these houses exude that old world charm. I couldn’t shake off that feeling of being ‘time-warped’ when we got here.


Located between Gyeongbukgong and Changdeokgung palaces, this quaint neighborhood served as residential areas for government officials back then.



Some structures were being renovated when we came here in April. I bet that was part of the Seoul government’s plan to refurbish the area and make it more attractive to tourists. I love the fact that there were pockets of museums just within the vicinity. Some are free, some are not. We just opted to enter those offered for free.



Another thing that captivated me is how old and new buildings are juxtaposed near each other…



Mom loves jars… she checks out some of those stacked outside one of the houses…


Spotted this house at this posh residential place that got us really amazed.


I bet, next time I visit Seoul, there would be a lot of changes again in this wonderful, beautiful Korean neighborhood.  🙂

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