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Why I chose VMV for my skin prob

I am not really vain but many years ago, I struggled with back acne. Though moderate, I wanted to know it’s cause. I was clueless on how to treat this skin problem. I’ve tried every soap available in the market but nothing really worked.

It was my problem until after I graduated in college when I started consulting a dermatologist, I was advised to try a Glycolic Peel treatment for my back. After two weeks, I found my back cleared of any pimples. I didn’t go back to my dermatologist after that.

But after a year, my problem came back and I started breaking out again. That’s what got me to try VMV Hypoallergenics Clarifying ID soap.

One thing I noticed after using it three times a week is that it sloughed off dead skin cells on my back. After that, my back gradually started to clear and the recurrence of back acne was minimized. I find it amazing because the soap is so mild and gentle on the skin, yet I’m not even aware when it starts working wonders. Other soaps I relied on for bacne treatment only aggravated it. My dermatologist said I have a very sensitive skin so I could have been allergic to some of the soaps I’ve used because most of these (I won’t mention them) are laden with harsh chemicals and allergens making my bacne worse.

You see, as we all know, stress, pollution and poor diet are the real culprits why we suffer acne. So after learning how to take care of myself more efficiently, I started to believe on VMV. And whenever I run out of VMV Clarifying ID soap, I switch to using  their Essence Skin Saving Hair and Body Wash.

vmv body wash

The thing about this VMV Essence hair and body wash is the fact it addresses one of the main culprits of bacne–shampoos! I learned that my favorite regular shampoo is one of the reasons aggravating skin problems in general, especially on our backs. Depending on how you wash your hair. Me? I learned that washing my hair separately first and away from my body is best so that the dirt don’t slide on my skin but directly on the bathroom floor.

For a hypoallergenic like me, I go for the VMV soap line. Though I’m not an avid fan of most of their products, I love these two soaps in particular. The reason: I get healthy skin, resulting to a healthy and positive confidence.


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