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5 Tokyo places I missed because of Wolverine

Nostalgia seeped in my consciousness again when I watched The Wolverine over a month ago. Granted I’m not a fan of anime or manga movies, but I watched this one to complement the 2009 X-Men Origins and X-Men: the Last Stand I viewed back then. Thanks to the friend, who invited me.


All throughout the movie premier, Deck and I were pointing to the screen whenever we see something familiar. Both of us have been to Tokyo and watching Wolverine made us miss the places we’ve visited in this megalopolis.

For my part, there were at least five all-time places in Tokyo I appreciated and wish to return to:

1. Tokyo Tower–I relish the fact I was able to come up here on my first day. Viewing this megalopolis is so much fun when you are at the Observation Deck. It’s also a nice place to hang out with friends and shop for affordable souvenirs.

tokyo 087

2. Shinjuku–After watching Jackie Chan star in his first melodrama action movie, The Shinjuku Incident, I made it a point to set foot in this city while I was here. I was curious as to how it really looked like. I loved the experience of eating a bowl of noodles at a hole-in-the-wall at an alleyway here with the locals. If you’re game for retail therapy, Shinjuku is a good place to start. Then head off to other Tokyo shopping mecca: Shibuya and Ginza.
tokyo 065

3. The Tokyo Imperial Palace–the official residence of the Emperor and Empress of Japan. It’s off-limits to visitors but we’re allowed to view it from the gates outside. It’s also great to take a walk at the wide park adjacent to it, the Kitanomaru Park.

4. Shinkansen (Bullet train)–They say you haven’t seen Japan if you haven’t experienced the shinkansen. Thank God, I got to ride one on our way to Shizuoka prefecture. Aside from the bullet trains, I too, loved riding the mind-boggling maze of Tokyo’s subway trains even if it constantly got us worried if we got off and on our destination. We don’t mind getting lost, though.

5. Shizuoka–I may not have had the chance to visit Nagasaki like Mariko Yashida did in this film, but I’m satisfied with my visit here. The land where premium Japanese green tea is cultivated, a visit to Shizuoka was truly refreshing and insightful. It’s a fresh respite from the hustle and bustle and neon lights of Tokyo. Everything here is laid-back.

I hope to see more places in Japan the next time I get the chance to be back here. Heavens, hear ye! 🙂

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