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2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

Twenty fourteen, 2014….I can’t yet fully grasp the fact the New Year came just  a few days ago. It was a  hectic schedule for me since December. There were parties, reunions, staycation, home cooking, bazaar hopping that I had to contend with during the last six weeks. It really is stressful to spend Christmas here in the Philippines, but that’s the kind of stress that I very much love to feel.

Just thinking about all of these had me thinking that I am truly blessed. The past year was a difficult year for the whole country; for me it was challenging. But all in all, my faith and hope is restored. A lot of us are now looking  into 2014 with a glimmer of hope that this year, despite unforeseen trials, would be a great year.

Hope serves as a buffer whenever our battered souls need an anchor to keep it alive and moving. But apart from hope, one thing that we should exercise continually this year is our faith. Faith, that which the Bible describes as the confidence of being sure of what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see.

If we have faith that all is going to be well no matter what the circumstances are, then we can stand our “ground” even if it is shaking. If we remain expectant, then we believe that God will answer our prayers. If we put our faith in God, then we are certain of our future.


It’s a relief that I had a four-day work vacation last December. It was a good opportunity for me then to pursue my very first attempt at making  blueberry muffins!

I made a batch using fresh blueberries. It’s difficult to find fresh blueberries that’s why I’m just grateful that this holiday season,  there were still bazaars left and right. When I visited one bazaar near my workplace, just before I started my four-day work off, I chanced upon a store that sells organic produce from Baguio City. From there, I bought a pack of fresh blueberries, strawberries and spinach–all organic! I was excited.


I love blueberries! Each time I visit a coffee or pastry shop I would opt for a blueberry cheesecake or muffins. So it was only natural for me as a novice baker to try baking this myself. I was glad that my first attempt wasn’t bad, as my mom had even bragged about the batch I made to  some of her friends and they too were all pleased.


I’m gonna tell you my simple blueberry muffin recipe on my next post 🙂

Last New Year, I promised myself to eat healthy. Eat more veggies and fruits and to pursue healthy living. I did all that more or less. But I saw the need to be more active.  Active in terms of exercise, of physical activity. It’s a lot healthier to be more balanced. I’ve noticed that in the past few years, with the boom in social media, I’ve spent more time sitting down looking at my Facebook, my e-mails, beating the deadline for my articles. I guess, it doesn’t hurt to adopt a little laid back attitude.

On New Year’s Eve, I prepared a simple feast for our family. I was glad to have my aunts and cousins over in our house and prepared a hot pot. At first, my teenage cousins seemed skeptical at my chosen menu. I guess they expected that I would be serving pasta (they’re favorite) and some Christmas ham.

Nevertheless, it was fun to see them relax and cooking on their own. I was glad to see one of my cousin, Justin, who is such a picky eater, helping himself to three bowlfuls of the beef  hotpot and munching on corn cob!

And that folks, is my post- New Year  ramblings. Let’s have a happy new year! A happy, fruitful one.


One thought on “2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

  1. Wow!:) I suddenly feel hungry after reading your blog hehehehe…I got inspired by what you shared and I look forward to your blueberry muffin recipe 😄😋

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