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Some friends recently spent a few days in Seoul for a chance to view cherry blossoms and to get away from the summer heat. I envy them. It’s so, sooo hot here in Manila that I wish I could have gone with them.


Hearing their funny experiences, adventures and misadventures, in Seoul made me reminisce my own springtime vacation there last year. It’s a good thing to hear they were able to enjoy Everland even though they too nearly got lost on their way there. Like me, they feel, they can never get enough of this vibrant city and long to come back for more.

Of the places we’ve visited while here, Insadong was my favorite. Popularly known as Seoul’s arts and culture hub, Insadong is a fabulous venue for everything Korean–hanbok, antique furnitures, accessories, K-pop items, fashion teas, souvenirs, Korean delicacies–name it…


Quirky. Fun. Stylish. Retro. Oh so many things pop up my mind when you stroll pass this street. I have to be very careful and wise to make sure I don’t splurge so much on everything I see..



I promised myself I’d buy a traditional Korean mask but I didn’t get around to doing it. Instead, we scoured the place for some fancy souvenir items and bought some.


IMG_0004_2It’s easy to see and understand why local and foreign tourists love to go sightseeing here. You get that fun and hip vibe all in one place. For shopaholics, this place must be part of your itinerary when you go to Seoul. Insadong is also a treasure haven for the antique lovers.

IMG_0061 IMG_0011_2

There are also plenty of fancy restaurants along this street. We entered one and had lunch here. It was the same restaurant my friend Jen and I went to for dinner when we visited on an autumn of 2012. Our lodging place, the Beewon Guesthouse, was just a five-minute walk to Insadong, indeed, very accessible for us.


316070_10150360795616445_1645550006_nI’m pretty sure I’d pass by this neighborhood again when I visit South Korea again in the future 😀


2 thoughts on “Insadong

  1. Hi Hannah! Sheila and I bought some souvenirs from this shop (last photo), which is just near Beewon in 2012.

    Insadong was much busier when we went there last month… There’s already a trick-art museum in this area, probably why there were so many tourists here. Also there are a number of food strips in some streets if you want to satisfy a crave for Korean food…Now I want some Bibimbap!!!

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