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The Return of Superman–why I love this reality TV show!


I am so freakingly addicted to this show! The Return of Superman wasn’t what I expected from the start. I watched one episode one Sunday afternoon at KBS World while waiting for 2 Days, 1 Night. Next thing I know, I found myself reviewing the previous episodes I didn’t get to watch over YouTube. I feel attached to this show, which features, four Korean celebrity dads and how they take care of their respective kids without mom in sight for 48 hours.

I guess, being once a daddy’s girl (God bless my dad whose in heaven now), is the reason why this show strikes a chord in my heart. Watching how they deal with their kids remind me of those days Papa and I were usually home by ourselves while Mama has to go to work. We can’t afford a nanny back then so my dad had no choice but to take care of me.

Watching this weekly reality show made me realize just how tough it is to raise a child. I mean practically raise and not just in the sense of taking care of them as if babysitting. I realize then it must have been hard for my dad and mom too, but then I hate to admit it but when I was little, I enjoyed my Dad’s company more because it was more fun and colorful and hilarious. He never runs out of fun activities we both enjoy doing—eating, story-telling (especially horror stories), going on a road trip, visiting places, telling jokes—aww! I just miss those days.

It’s interesting to note the different parenting styles of the Korean super fathers here: Lee Hwi Jae, father of twin baby boys Seoeon and Seojun, Tablo, father of chic Haru, Choo Sunghoon, father of cute Sarang and Jang Hyun-sung, father of Junu and Junseo and the latest addition, Song Il Guk’s triplets—Daehan, Manse and Minguk. All exhibit a love for their children different from each other. Whenever I scroll down the comment threads on YouTube or Facebook or their Tumblr post (etc.). Sure there are positive commenters but also bashers. (Well, it’s a free world after all). But I can’t help but sometimes feel affected. I mean, I’m not a child expert. I’m not even married yet! But I just get irritated at some of the insensitive comments. Some of the fans even view this as if it’s a drama series. I do wish they would stop that. We all have to consider that each child is unique (even if they were born twins or triplets) and shouldn’t be compared with other children. I love all of the children here and admire and salute their parents for raising them well.

All of them are my favorites. The only thing or setback on this show is the change of casts happening lately. I miss the energetic Yakkung! and will miss the Jangs, too! They’re already out of the picture and the show will now focus more on the twins, Haru, Sarang and the triplets! The newest addition to the ROS family! I just can’t imagine “Jumong” having his hands full of his triplets when they were still babies. It’s a good thing he entered this show when his kids are a bit older and easier to handle. Lee Hwi Jae joined the show while the twins were still babies; that’s why it was a lot harder for him than the other fathers.


I got hooked to this show more so after watching how Tablo dealt with Haru’s quiet behavior. I shed a tear when he brought Haru to his father’s grave and though he was dealing with a heavy heart, his daughter was optimistic about life. Tablo was still grieving about his father’s death but Haru made it possible for him to go on with his life with positivity.

I was also reminded about my father in that episode where Junu first received his first allowance from his dad. I can still recall too, when I received P100 allowance and kept it for about a month before I decided to buy something with it. I was laughing too, when Hyun-sung gave Junseo money to buy something at a store to test him over money management. He wanted to buy a lot of things with the money he got but he was forced to budget! I remember I had the same test before wanting to buy a book that was way over my budget. I learned how to budget because of my dad. But most of all, I can clearly recall that my memories with my father was spent like the way Sarang spent her days with her dad.

Oh what a family! I do envy the Lee twins. Even if they were always fighting over toys at least they have each other. Being an only child is challenging too, and so I do wish Sarang and Haru would have a younger brother or sister so they would know how it is to have one.

I think later on Seoeon will outgrow his bratty tendencies. Their dad, Hwi Jae already knows how to deal with them, and is starting to be firm whenever they’re misbehaving. Personally, I think he’s more effective in disciplining the twins than his wife. I love how Seojeon is becoming independent and being sure of himself. I do agree with the others observation that Hwi Jae is giving more attention to Seoeon but I think it’s because the older twin is clingy and non-sociable. But in the latest episodes, I’m starting to see how he and his wife are already thinking of ways to encourage Seoeon to be more sociable.

Sunday is really a Happy Sunday! Hope you guys do try to watch this too! I’m sure, you’ll learn a lot and can relate to it as well. ☺


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