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V <3 V: A Life and Style Diary

The minute I see this beauty mag, I promise, I will definitely try my best to buy myself a copy. I wasn’t able to catch the twin sisters–one of the best fashion bloggers to date–at the book launch. It’s fun being a girl and more fun if you have somebody to share the experience with..well, I guess this is exactly what I need, what we need at this time when most Pinays STILL think beauty and fashion has a steep price tag attached to it. Not so! Vern and Verniece–the geniuses behind V ❤ V–will tell you why its not.

So like me, allow me to share with you my fellow blogger’s (cineramaetcetera) take on V ❤ V’s Life & Style Guide. Grab yourself a copy of this beauty diary. It’s what every Filipina girl should have!



Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.

Famous words from hotel heiress and fashion icon Paris Hilton that young fashionistas the world over took to heart. Sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso pushed the envelope further and started V ❤ V, a lifestyle blog that seeks to guide their readers on how to be hip and trendy, all while maintaining a certain sophistication that seeks to showcase the wearer’s personal style and preference.

Two years after the blog became a hit on the internet, Summit Media has taken on the cudgels of bringing the Encisos’ unique style to the Filipina fashionista, printing a compilation of V ❤ V’s best tips on a variety of lifestyle topics like fashion, travel, beauty, music and wellness into a life and lifestyle diary.

The book is compact and easy to read. It serves as a cheat sheet for Pinays who…

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