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Loving subtle shades (Maybelline & Revlon makeup review)

I met up with my friend Michelle last night. She just came from a week-long vacation in Seoul to visit her fiancé and wanted to give me some souvenir items she bought  at the US military base camp there. I’m so happy at her makeup finds that I’m blogging about it right now.

She really knows my taste when it comes to make up. I go for simple, subtle shades that I can put on anytime of the day. And that’s just exactly what she had for me.


Now I have Maybelline’s Expert Wear in Dusk which I think would now be my everyday make-up staple. So light and complements my fair skin tone. Lights up my tired “panda” eyes with just a few strokes.


And of course, Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach, that for me, should be every girl’s power tool.


For less than 3 minutes, I’m done with my make-up! 🙂

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