I <3 2014

I’ve been doing year-end reports lately and I decided to do my own personal end-of-the-year account. Twenty fourteen is indeed a year that was full of jitters and tears but that was overshadowed by abundant blessings. It’s the year once again, God showed how good he is as he miraculously helped me in all my ordeal.


So before the fireworks starts bursting and the trumpets sound for 2015, I’m writing a list of answered prayers, surprises and breakthroughs the Lord graciously gave me. Gratitude is an understatement but my heart is exactly overflowing with it.

  • January, I got a US visa; multiple visa;
  • I got to travel extensively from February to March in Honolulu, Hawaii; Jakarta and Banda Aceh in Indonesia; and Yangon and Naypyidaw in Myanmar as part of a journalism fellowship I was lucky to get in the last quarter of  2013;


  • I got the chance to visit charming and laid-back Baler, Aurora;


  • God helped me meet my financial deadlines and helped me through monetary difficulties;
  • I got a multiple visa in Japan;
  • I had a fabulous 10-day vacation in Japan and He helped me find financial source for this;


  • And just when I thought I’ve achieved my travel quota for the year, I got to experience Busan, South Korea on a wintry December!



There were some things I prayed for but I didn’t get an answer this year. There were things I prayed for that were answered immediately. And there were things I didn’t pray for but was given to me. I have no qualms, I love it. I’m already certain God has worked things out for me. It’s really amazing how our God works!

I have another set of faith goals for 2015 and I know that as what God has promised in His Word, as long as we keep our faith anchored in Him, nothing is impossible.

Truly God is good. His mercies endures forever! Thank You Lord! 😀

Happy New Year!

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