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Celebrating Chinese NY at Manila’s Chinatown

I’m taking a quick break from blogging my Japan trip to tell you of my recent trip to Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown. My friends decided to come here to watch the celebration of the Chinese New Year. I’ve been raring to eat delicious dumplings, Chinese noodles and buy a box of my favorite tikoy–that sticky rice cake, so I went with them.

It’s always a festive year for the Filipino-Chinese community whenever its CNY. I may not be Chinese (though I have some relatives who married into a Chinese family) we are welcome to celebrate with them…

Three of my friends went to a nearby temple to pray and had a blast joining Buddhist followers. I, and another friend, decided to do some window-shopping and just mingle with the crowd near Lucky Chinatown.

Lucky Chinatown, Chinese New Year
Lucky Chinatown, Chinese New Year

11000508_10204910338532014_4691668887476556015_n 10846120_10204910347572240_5897161467494415891_n

I got a chance to witness and celebrate CNY twice in Hong Kong. As always, Chinese commemorate the year with such extravagance and vibrance. Why not, if its the only time of the year the whole family can come together for a happy reunion?1477477_10204910367732744_4293013053873210997_n 10993484_10204910366172705_5444258730710393975_n 10968376_10204910365772695_2315303277537732623_n 10983131_10204910359972550_5442467316565613944_n 10988482_10204910359612541_5091127351560023262_n CNY experts are in a quandary whether this year is the Year of the Goat or the Sheep. I read somewhere, those born in the year of the Monkey (like me) are lucky (again) in business and in travel opportunities (I’d love that!). But the problem is, that would depend on what animal sign you’d rather believe in, whether goat or sheep. I don’t care much, really, but I do hope I can have more travel opportunity this year. 🙂10959871_10204910357452487_1355900119621903036_n 10982699_10204910353372385_1703657285621489642_n 10995888_10204910352932374_4417130619779848270_n

We decided to meet up together inside Lucky Chinatown mall for a little chitchat and bonding time. We did so over a bowl of delicious freshly hand-pulled noodles and pork dumplings at San Guo La Mien.

IMG_20150219_174922 IMG_20150219_164603 IMG_20150219_164541 IMG_20150219_164449 IMG_20150219_164235 IMG_20150219_163656 IMG_20150219_163545Though I’m no Buddhist, I sincerely pray everyone receives a happy new year, good health, blessings and everything good from God. I don’t care much whether it’s the Year of the Goat or Sheep. My faith is anchored anyway in favor of Jesus. 😀


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