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Summer cleansing with Innisfree’s Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam

Summer can be so dreadful here in Manila. I’m sweltering in the heat since this season came in. Putting on even the basics of make up can be daunting and disappointing. And the sad part of a summer experience—acne breakouts.

Not that I’ve never had pimples before. I thought I’ve conquered acne problems but each time the summer season sets in, they settle unabashedly on my chin and jawlines like an irritating rash.

That’s why every summer, I find myself always on the look out for a facial wash that can control my breakouts. I’ve searched high and low on all beauty stores; tried facial skin care products here and there but somehow I still end up dissatisfied.

That is until I got introduced to Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Foam.

Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Foam

Funny thing was I discovered this product “accidentally” until after a three-day work-related trip to Busan last December 2014. I was on an errand for a friend who asked me to buy her a second jar of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask while I was there. As with any other Korean beauty stores, they give out product samplers each time you buy a skin care product or make up from them.

I remember one day running over to Shinsegae Mall located at the back of Hotel Novotel in Heundae Beach, where my co-workers and I stayed for three days, to do my shopping errand. I bought the product my friend wanted and was given a packet of samplers from Innisfree. Since I ran out of my Pond’s Facial Wash I carried for the trip, I decided to try one sampler of the Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Foam.

Honestly, I didn’t like it at first because I felt my skin get drier and so taut. It was freezing cold in Busan so I figured out I can’t use this facial wash in a wintry weather like what we experienced then. So I deferred using the rest of the samplers and waited until I arrived in Manila.

January, February—I didn’t think of using the packet samplers until March when the dry season started to set in. I felt like my face desperately needs a trip to a dermatologist. But when I saw these Innisfree samplers stashed in my make up kit, I decided to try the product again, now in full force.

One evening after coming from work, I worked up a lather of IF’s Apple Juicy Cleansing Foam’s white paste over my face. The cream isn’t so rich and the fragrance was a bit strong yet soothing. But my, was I surprised—at first wash, the usual oil, dirt and grime that my palms would usually feel—were instantly removed. I felt my face perk up and get squeaky clean. But there’s none of the tautness I felt when I was in Busan. I can really feel my face get cleaner and softer and …supple. And the smell—that of fresh green apples! was really invigorating. I can immediately spell the difference; as if I just had a face-lift. I used the remaining samplers for about two more weeks, hoping I can stretch it some more, trying to use as little as possible because there’s no Innisfree store anywhere yet in the Philippines!

I really felt like knocking my head out after my discovery. I rebuked myself for not thinking of buying at least one set while I was in Busan. I searched for it at Lazada, e-Bay, and other online shopping networks but I had doubts about product authenticity. Good thing though, another friend of mine went to Seoul during the Holy Week to spend quality family bonding time. So I just asked her to buy me at least one tube I can use for the hot months ahead. And I’m so thankful she bought me two tubes instead.IMG_20150408_153009

While I see some product reviews saying IF’s Apple Juicy Cleansing Foam is ideal for any skin type, I personally think it works best for individuals with oily to combination skin; or maybe for those with acne prone skin. If you’re skin tends to get too dry especially during cold months, then I think this shouldn’t be for you. For anyone living in a tropical climate, I think this facial wash will suit you.


For me though, IF’s Apple Juicy Cleansing Foam, met my expectations. I think it would be a very, very long time before I switch to another facial wash. I’ll do that when I finish with the second tube. But I sincerely hope Innisfree would finally open and set up shop here in the Philippines before that happens.

I heard through a beauty grapevine that’s already in the works. But I wonder when that would be? ‘Coz there are so many other Innisfree items I’m thinking of checking out. Hmm…

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