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Shopping at Busan’s Nampodong

It’s hard to believe its already half of the year…five months to go and its Christmas season! Time flies so fast. My mind flashes back to scenes of my Christmas shopping last year… 🙂

Reminds me then, of my shopping spree experience at Nampo-dong in Busan last December that even the cold winter season failed to dampen my enthusiasm for shopping. I trawled my photo bank to find memories of our shopping at Nampodong.

That afternoon, after visiting Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, we asked ajusshi, our Korean driver, to drop us in the Nampodong area and meet us later at Yongdusan Park where the Busan Tower is. He can’t speak English, but I’m glad I was able to understand him as he motioned to me, how we can get around the place using the map we were using. My frequent watching of K-dramas at KBS World channel came in handy even though my understanding of the Korean language is so nil. I’m glad I understood him and just relayed to my friends what he was ranting about. He dropped us off near the Busan International Film Fest (BIFF) square. I can’t resist telling him ‘kamsahamnida!’ after letting us off the coach.


If Seoul has Dongdaemum and Namdaemum markets and Insadong, Busan has its Jagalchi market and Nampodong. Movies, theaters, restaurants, malls, markets, beauty shops abound—they have it all. We’re a bit flustered really because of the crowd that rushed to and from the street. And so we agreed to split in groups and meet later at Lotte Department Store which was located a bit at the far end of the street, past Gukje market, and the famous Jagalchi market where you find rows and rows of various kinds of fish and sea creatures on sale.


Good thing, I didn’t buy any ear muffs when I was still in Manila. I was contemplating to buy one before leaving but the ones I found here, in upscale shops in Greenbelt in Makati and SM Mall of Asia, are expensive, around P800 to P1,000++. Luckily, we found this ajummah selling ear muffs and some souvenir items on the side walk. Each of us bought an ear muff at the cost of KRW 5,000 or about P195! What a bargain! 🙂

Some of my friends went inside beauty shops like Missha, The Face Shop, Etude. I accompanied one friend who were looking for Korean movie DVDs. Eventually, we found ourselves warming up inside Starbucks, and lining up to buy a their Busan mug edition. Then we went up inside Lotte Department Store to do some more serious shopping.



IMG_0010_4 IMG_0012_4There was a massive sale going on, so most of us spent the next few minutes doing grocery shopping and checking out the bags and some sports items on sale. We had dinner afterwards at the food court… IMG_0013_4 IMG_0020_4 IMG_0019_4 IMG_0017_4 IMG_0015_4 IMG_0014_4

We capped off our shopping galore walking down the pathway going to Busan  Tower. We had a blast taking selfies along the way basking in the festive holiday atmosphere.

IMG_0023_3 IMG_0021_4 IMG_0024_3



I really don’t know but we were really like crazy that night. As we made our way up to Yongdusan Park, big shopping bags in tow, we wondered why some of the people were looking at us oddly while we rode that very high elevator. Turned out, Busan Tower is already closed. We laughed it off, besides it’s getting late and our driver is already waiting for us. He seems to be so eager to go home already. Fortunately, before leaving we had the chance to take pics of the tower. The best sight to cap off our Busan shopping escapade…



We didn’t get to go up the Busan Tower and explore it. This means then, I have a reason to go back. 🙂

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