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Loving Mitsuyado’s Double Cheese Ramen

I love cheese. Period. But cheese on ramen? Frankly, I wasn’t too sure.

But after tasting it at Mitsuyado Sei-men, I fell in love with it. Now, I’m officially a fan.

IMG_20150827_192030And so, my quest for ramen in double cheese sauce started. Mitsuyado Sei-Men, I must say, satisfied my not-so-adventurous palate.

The secret, I think, was the dipping sauce and the tender pork meat that goes with it. And the soup! I can’t get enough of the soup where one has to dip the cold (we preferred it cold) cheese-coated chewy noodles.

‘Twas one of my friends who convinced me to try Mitsuyado’s Double Cheese Sauce Tsukemen. I was thinking, go ahead and try. I thought I can settle with some other food items on the menu. But I couldn’t resist trying it in the end.

I still ordered some other items though. And even if I had had my share of Japanese food experiences,  I can only give a thumbs up when I stuffed my mouth with their awesome shrimp tempura set and their pork gyoza.



Grabbing my favorite comfort food: shrimp tempura!

What I like most at MSM is their cool classic interiors that makes you feel you’ve stepped into a Japanese movie and lived during the old Edo period…


I plan to come back here (Blue Wave, Pasay City branch, near SM Mall of Asia) so I can try other ramen cheese variations. You see, the cost may be a bit pricey but we do understand the pork and other ingredients are imported. But on a P500/per head budget will definitely go a long way. Besides, the noodles are also best for sharing, as a few bites will make you full already.

There’s plenty of dessert also offered that we really wanted to try. But because we are so full, we just settled with some drinks on the menu. Their refreshing taste is enough to cap off our tasty food adventure…

IMG_20150827_191146But of course, if you’re not satisfied you can just walk towards the next room where the Yamato Japanese bakery is located. Adjacent to it is the UCC Cafe, where you can also unwind over a cup of coffee and have a nice chat with your taste buddies. 🙂



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