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‘Oh My Venus’ and my fitness goals for 2016

Ironic as it may seem, but I started the New Year watching the last episodes of ‘Oh My Venus!’—the Korean drama that hooked me just before 2015 ended.


I love this rom-com not only because its very funny, the actors were superb A-listers, So Ji Sub is sooo downright cool that I want him and Shin Mina to be together in real life (instead of Kim Woo Bin, sorry fans!), all the other casts were magnificent and all fit into place, gave me feelers, made me crazy but really and all because its very, very inspiring! I’ve stopped writing NY’s resolution some years back, but watching OMV made me do it again. No kidding! And the first—the very, very first thing that I wrote down is to—lose weight. For a foodie like me, it spells trouble.


I think I can relate much to the characters in this story, especially our heroine. Kang Joo-eun (Shin Mina), the loveable chubby lawyer who ended up with a hot but quite strict fitness instructor that goes by the name of Kim Youngho (So Ji Sub). Like her, I spent my years working hard for myself to achieve my goals and dreams and eventually noticed that all the stress has taken a toll on me. It made me prone to binge-eating, going for salty and (super) sweet food. I was never consistent in exercising; I’m lazy doing that.


Both characters made me re-think of what I should be doing to my body, ‘coz after all, we only have one and only body. Watching this drama made me realise once again the truth that “health is wealth.” With grit and determination, “if you put your mind to it” (as Joo-eun says), I believe getting a sexier, fit body is achievable and doable through proper diet and exercising, choosing the right kind of food, coupled with a positive outlook in life.

I’ve read fitness mags that gave off  ideas on how busy people can incorporate exercises in their daily routines (whether in the office or at home, upon waking up and before going to bed). I am glad that OMV subtly but effectively visualised those exercises without, you know, being too scientific and overly medically dramatic.

That’s not the reason I weighed in on this drama though, because this show is not just about fitness and weight loss. It’s about having a resolution to obtain a healthy lifestyle so one can achieve healthy relationships and be ready and available to help the ones we love. That I believe is the best way to live our lives with a purpose while here on earth. And like Joo-eun, I think it’ll be lot easier and more fun to achieve the ideal weight we want if we have someone to back us up and cheer us on in our health goals.

I don’t intend to be a spoiler for those who haven’t finished watching the drama. The show is still ongoing here in KBS World, though I bet a lot of people finished watching it online. For a feel-good, inspiring, NY’s resolution ideas, I suggest You watch OMV. 🙂


Me? I’m bringing out my yoga ball, weights, and other fitness gears I’ve stored in huge boxes so I can start January trimming my waist. 😉 I can do it. So help me Lord! 😀





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