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Nars’ Natalie and Clinique Pop in Plum (Makeup Review)

I’ve never given myself a real Valentine’s gift. So it’s only fitting that this month, I choose new ‘loves’ that would go into my kikay kit.

So even if it’s a little way out of my usual budget, I bought a NARS Audacious Lipstick in Natalie and Clinique Pop in Plum Pop color.



Both have a shades of hot pink that I used to wear. And in both times I wore it, my friends and officemates were like: wow! Do you have a date? I would fire back and say yep, of course!

Seriously, the reason I suddenly went on a shopping spree for lipstick is because I’m tired of my usual nude shade. I’m also on the look out for a lip colour that would stay for more than 8 hours and won’t easily rub off when I eat.

Well, my take on my Nars lipstick: it’s a bit pricey but I find it doesn’t really achieve that long-lasting effect I so wanted. The creamy matte texture and the hydrating effect on my puckers is a consolation though. The fact that its also easy to swipe on the lips made me think its still worth my money.

But on lighter days, when I’m on an extra easy mood, and I would go for the Clinique lipstick. This is a lip colour + primer+ rouge intense +base. This one’s more creamier and gives off a sheen that’s not too intense. Just perfect for a coffee date.

The best thing about my two ‘loves’ right now is they don’t compete for time. I can swipe it up on my lips in a few strokes and minimal tweaks and only reapply when I need to.

Personally, I think its also budget-friendly. I interchangeably use these two whenever I travel to maximize their potential and love it even more when after using it, my lips doesn’t dry up like what I usually dread whenever using matte versions.

So what about you? What’s your fave lipstick at the moment? 🙂

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