gustatory exploits

Theo and Philo

There’s a bunch of gourmet chocs that got me enthralled lately. I’ve been very, very busy lately (toxic work actually) and the only quality “me” time I can get (besides a quiet time) is when I munch on these artisan chocolate bars by Theo and Philo. They have one of the nicest, addictive taste that prompted me to go on a chocolate shopping spree…






There are only a few shops that carry and sell this brand of chocolates. But I bought mine from a friend who is a distributor and seller of Human Nature products. As soon as I saw this posted on the brochure, I immediately ordered four flavors that I found intriguing. Milk Chocolate with Pili and Pinipig, Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, Milk Chocolate with Turon and Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Sea Salt.

For me, the ones with Green Mango and with Calamansi was the true winner. I do like to eat milk chocolates from time to time, but I just love the tangy sweetness in my mouth and that just got me hooked.

It makes me proud to say that Theo and Philo chocolates is an All-Filipino creation. The owner and creator, Philo Chua, was an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) living and working in the United States. Its funny to find out that when he started out in the business he had no background in chocolate-making! But through perseverance and hard work, and getting hands on in learning the craft succeeded in introducing the concept of an artisan Filipino chocolates. Who would have thought that we, here in the Philippines can have our own version of European chocolates and call exclusively call it our own. I love what they say in the website: cacao from Davao, sugar from Bacolod. These two provinces–both favorite foreign and local tourist destination, are among the best of producers of quality cacao and sugar in the Philippines.

If you haven’t tried and you’re craving for it and want to buy,  check out some of these (food) establishments that sell the brand: Bo’s Coffee (all branches), Rustan’s Department Store, Gourdo’s, Echo Store, Ritual, Wellworth Department Store, Urban Pantry, Connie’s Kitchen, Cafe+ and The Market at Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Dark chocolate lovers should also try the 70 % Dark Chocolate version and the Barako. Both are best sellers and I guarantee you won’t mind eating a box of it. 😀


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