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Naturactor Silky Loose Powder & Happy Skin Hydrating Powder Foundation (Make-up Review)

I know nothing lasts forever but I just absolutely hate it if my make up doesn’t last even for one hour, especially in this kind of hot, hot weather. No make it, 30 minutes. I’m totally freaked out…

I’ve been on the lookout for a face powder I can trust to give me back that fresh face look I’ve had since my younger days. My search took almost a year; I was buying some local and foreign brands left and right on a trial basis. Until I found out I can settle on these two Japanese brands.

One is Naturactor Silky Loose Powder that I bought from a dealer I met at a bazaar in Manila. That meeting was meant to be because then I found out where I can buy my next set of Naturactor Concealer which I bought  from a co-worker who is an avid fan of Meiko cosmetic products. I am so lucky to have bought this silky loose powder is great as a finishing touch after putting on make up.



It perfectly goes better with using Naturactor concealer foundation. Provides that flawless finish that you need instantly. Though it still doesn’t last long in this hellish weather, it’s still nice to carry around for an instant dab. The moment you see your face needs a retouch, dab it using the sponge, but a make up brush provides better application.

Another winning face powder for me is Happy Skin’s


NOW don’t get me wrong. I don’t have to get even even after a bad break up.  But this product is so good for me I had decided to buy it even though its pricey because not only does it help take control of my shiny T-zone area, it also gives off that flawless matte look. Doesn’t make my face dry. PLUS, I love it for making my facial pores less visible. The redness associated by irritation and sometimes pimples that starts to get scary also disappears with a few swipes. The price of P1, 400 was worth it.


Claim to fame: this face powder has Japanese green tea extract that soothes irritation and thus eliminates redness especially on sensitive skin. I’m glad to know I’m using cosmetic products infused with healthy ingredients.


Maybe, just maybe after the hot and muggy weather is over and the season starts to get cooler, I might be using a different set of face powder. But who knows, this two face powders may just become a mainstay in my Kikay kit for good. ❤


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