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When in Cebu, try Rico’s

Are you craving for scrumptious lechon while in Cebu? Then consider this a heads up: try dining at Rico’s.

I’ve tasted a hundred version of the Pinoy’s revered succulent roasted pig, but when I’m in Cebu,  my gastronomic compass points me to Rico’s  Lechon restaurant.






Be careful, though, if you’re experiencing some sort of heart problems, or maybe watching your cholesterol levels, or simply dieting–the yumminess of Rico’s lechon just might give you a heart attack; your BP levels might shoot up. You better take with you your maintenance meds or simply have a nice cup of your favorite tea (preferably green or ginger tea) to keep your health in check.








They have two versions of the Lechon de Leche: one is very hot and spicy and the regular flavor. Dip in their house-blend hot sauce. For weight-watchers, you can pair up your meat with their three pairs of seaweeds topped with red egg and tomatoes and other veggie dishes. For a change, you might want to also try their crunchy danggit. And, don’t forget the rice! The merrier the better.










Since its near the Mactan International Airport, I strongly recommend you drop by this resto upon arrival from Cebu and before leaving the city. You shouldn’t miss this! I’m very sure you’re gonna love it here. I can guarantee it.

You can even take home a box of before boarding the plane…





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