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Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

Hot pots are the best during rainy season, when you can practically drag the whole family and friends to huddle in one table together, stirring your fave hotpot ingredients in hot swirling pork/chicken broth while chatting on day-to-day experiences. Definitely the best get-together experience for any occasion.

Four Seasons Hotpot restaurant at the bay strip near SM Mall of Asia is surely one of the best. The price per head is a bit steep (we were there during a holiday and ended up paying a P900++ per head), but the selection is vast and gorgeously mouth-watering. It’s worth it.

14322583_583357995170501_7259312748064154914_n 14322456_583357955170505_3985427523771361373_n


But its not all about hotpots, if you’re craving for steaks and teppanyaki, go to the Premium section and ask for your portion. Pasta lovers are also very much welcome but the menu is limited.






But then again, I came here precisely because of Hotpot! As a noodle lover, I totally love the hotpot experience and eating fresh vegetables with my soup.




My recommendation: try the SATÉ SOUP BROTH!!! Awesome spiciness!




Dumplings pa more!!!




Ummm… this part, well we didn’t try getting any from these array of entrails, pork blood, and that sort. Ideally, these would help enhance the flavor of the broths but we opted to skip these….



…but not this. I could skip everything except this! I helped myself to at least three variants: carrot noodles, instant ramen, and the green one.





It’s just a few months before Christmas Day hits. I’m pretty sure, you won’t miss this for reunions and family dinners. Book now! 😉


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