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Blue Mountains National Park

It’s a good thing my aunt and her hubby asked us to stay for a few days at their home in Rooty Hill. It’s a few minutes drive to Australia’s famous Blue Mountains. The most perfect day trip experience if you’re Sydney-bound.



This rugged region west of Sydney has attracted a lot of local and foreign travelers’ attention. The rawness of the terrain and dramatic scenery is a romantic setting that’s practically perfect for anyone, whether honeymooners, family, fitness buffs or not, and single adventurers.




The weather was perfect when we visited. Since its October, it was cold and breezy, ideal for a mini-trekking experience. We first checked out the view at Jamison Point. The blue haze hovering over the mountain ranges was breathtakingly gorgeous. Reminds me of the awesome splendor of God’s creation…





We stayed for a while breathing deeply of the cold, fresh air. My aunt suggested we walk further down Wentworth Falls. As we started going further down the trail my mom started to be hesitant because we didn’t have the proper footwear. It rained the night before we went so the trail was a bit slippery…





So we opted out Wentworth Falls. We got into my uncle’s car and he drove us around to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters. Tourists here abound, so the trekking was more lively.




There were lots of tourists here–surprisingly most of them were Asians: Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos…It was heartening to come across Pinoys also visiting Blue Mountains.

We had to go down again and even though it was tiring, there were plenty of interesting things you can find on the way down the Three Sisters.






It was a great challenge for me to go down the steep steps of Honeymoon Bridge, but I fell in love with the scenery. Maybe it’s all in the mind. I don’t mind taking the Great Stairway as long as I can see at least 1 sister up close.







My uncle chose to lag behind at the staircase so he can take a photo of us at the rock crevice. He later joined us for more pics…

We were here…
My uncle was here…


Climbing up was, as usual, difficult for me. But it was a brilliant climbing experience! 🙂


We took a rest at this juncture
We found this rock formations on the way to and back the Three Sisters. We posed for some pics, and also took time to massage our tired legs and drink water…

We went back up to Echo Point, the major lookout point, to check out some souvenir items. But I only bought one key chain remembrance of our visit here. We proceeded to go to the Queen Elizabeth lookout where England’s beloved reigning monarch positioned herself when she viewed the Blue Mountains for the first time.


From here, you can have the splendid view of the Three Sisters Mountain. Legend has it that the three sisters Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, lived in the Jamison Valley. They were members of the Katoomba tribe who fell in love with three men from the neighbouring Nepean tribe. Marriage, however, was forbidden by tribal leaders. The brothers were not happy and planned to kidnap the three sisters. A tribal war ensued and one of the elders turned them to three pillars of rock to protect them.  But he was killed in the fighting; no one else could turn them back to their original form.


But if you want the scientific story, believe the story of land erosion. Experts say the soft sandstone of the Blue Mountains got easily eroded over time by wind, rain and rivers. This caused the cliffs surrounding the Jamison Valley to be slowly broken up, thus the three mountains protruded like these.



The only part that made me feel “bitin” was the fact that we didn’t get to move forward to ride the cable car at Scenic World. Arrgghh! I couldn’t convince my mom to go with me. She’s too scared of heights!  😦

Want to check out what we missed? I could have gone on by myself but …huhuhuhu…I should have asked my aunt and uncle instead, but they have already experienced it, and I wouldn’t want my mom, a senior citizen, left alone behind somewhere because the place is just too vast.


Oh well, I hope the next time I come here, I can finally try and see the Scenic World. I know it would be worth it. Hopefully, when I do that, I can be with some of my adventurous friends for a change.

But that only goes to show, there’s so much magnificent creation out there to explore. Let’s have more of it!

Cheers to happy travels! 😀



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