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Faithful is He

I’m sorry my dear followers. I know I haven’t posted much blogs lately. Having a hard time catching up …So many things just happening around the country and around the world…Time flies so quickly. Hope I can just catch my breath, ‘coz in just a few days its gonna be…2017!!!

So for all its worth, I just want to write about all the blessings I’ve encountered this year. This Christmas is one of them, even though its only me and mom spending it together, I have so many things to be grateful for.

I know this year has been surprisingly rough to me and to most of my peers and colleagues. I was out traveling around the country during the first and second quarter of the year, which was part of my work, as I covered the May 2016 elections here. And even though I love traveling, exhaustion creeped in. To make matters worse, I found myself suddenly afflicted with an auto-immune disease that I had to deal with for  almost half of the year. My doctor said it was all due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. For all my plans to pursue healthy living, I failed to make it this year. Thankfully, God has helped me through it. Now, I’m on my way to recovery.


I was sad that this year, a lot of my friends experienced death in their family. The mom of one of our closest family friend passed away due to leukemia. She was like a dear aunt to me. I was so grieved when she died exactly on my birthday. I believe I can never celebrate my birthday the same way as before.

Another friend of mine saw her dad’s death and her mom’s less than five months after. It was really heartbreaking. Hearing it really made me feel so down. I also felt guilty I wasn’t able to attend the funeral for both of her parents, caught up as I was with a very hectic work schedule. Then, just before Christmas Eve,  the husband of a friend in Canada succumbed to cancer. Really, really devastating.

I wonder why 2016 brought so much tears to my eyes. Yet, despite of all that has happened, I still believe that God is in control. We may not understand what His plans are,  why he allowed these things to happen. All we can do is trust him. I have no words to tell my grieving friends; I can only pray for them. This Christmas, just as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, I took the time to pray for friends and loved ones who experienced the sting of death.

I experienced some setbacks myself. As I mentioned earlier, I was diagnosed with psoriasis in July. It was scary to think that I even had this, cause it can be a precursor to a more serious illness. But this was when God’s grace stepped in. It was maybe for the better that I had this illness. I learned my lesson the hard way and this time, I paid attention to my over-all health and wellness. After all, our bodies are God’s temple. We need to take of our bodies the way Jesus takes care of His bride, the Church.

Another thing that got me immensely disappointed was when I was forced to abort a possible investment I labored hard for. Though it wasn’t my fault, I was still hoping I can finally achieve it but to no avail. I realize later maybe this was part of God’s plan. SO, I just made it a point to surrender that dream back to God and move on to other plans, praying everything would be alright.

With all the negative things happening around the world, my country, in my life, and the people around me,  I won’t pretend I understand what’s happening. Only God knows. What I can do perhaps is just to ask God to give me more patience and understanding and compassion as we pass through the darkest valleys of our lives and the lives of others. That God would make us an instrument of His peace and His love.

As to aborted plans and hopes, I can only go back to Proverbs 16:9 where it says how a man, in his heart, can make plans to the fullest, but it is God who directs our steps. And even though I see my future is hazy, I’d rather go with the Lord’s direction than do things on my own. I’m actually much more scared to go far from the points in His map. At times, this makes me feel helpless but its during these moments I remember that when I am weak, He is strong. In so many ways, the Lord reminds us He is faithful.


For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him.  Psalms 103:11




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