About me…

In the Bible, the Hebrew name Hannah means “favor” or “grace.” In 1 Samuel, Hannah, the mother of Samuel, received the greatest favor from God—a child she earnestly prayed for.

In Japanese, Hannah or “Hana” may mean flower. In Korean, it means “one.” In Hawaiian, it means “work” or “craft.”

Realizing this truth, I realized it’s high time I put forward a personal blog that gives testimony to a grace-filled life for the One who made it all possible. Consider my blog as a personal diary detailing my firsthand adventures and misadventures; random rants of a writer tired of deadlines, and an outlet to vent my artistic ‘talents.’

I named this blog as Strickenwithwanderlust. As any blogger would, I have dreams of traveling high and wide, talk about places I’ve explored and enjoyed and show the world that life is a myriad of grace, blessings and surprises.


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