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The Mind Museum

Once, I found myself thinking of ways to spend some good quality time with my  “inaanak” (god daughter) whom I haven’t seen for quite sometime.  I heard from her mother she got high grades and is an achiever in pre-school. I’m so proud of her. Her parents, I’m sure, were ecstatic. That’s when I realized… Continue reading The Mind Museum

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Reflections of a Filipino visual artist

Last month, I got a rare invitation from an award-winning Filipino realist painter to view his masterpieces right inside his home. It was an opportunity I dare not miss; after all, it’s not every day I get to know somebody who is a staple in the visual art scene. I am no art connoisseur but… Continue reading Reflections of a Filipino visual artist

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Looking ahead versus looking back

NEW YEAR–New beginnings, new hope. Time surely pass by so fast. If time is tangible I would have hoped it has strings that I can pull so I can hold on to a memory which I cherish and or loosen my grip on a memory  that I’d choose to let go. Some years back, that’s… Continue reading Looking ahead versus looking back

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Autumn in Seoul [Part 3, like history buffs]

Besides palaces, the best way to capture a slice of South Korea’s past is by paying a visit to their local museums. That’s not difficult at all when you’re in Seoul. What’s difficult is deciding which museum to choose that will somehow fit with your itinerary and schedule. In my sojourn to this part of… Continue reading Autumn in Seoul [Part 3, like history buffs]

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Akihabara: Tokyo’s e-town

  If you want to score for some cheap electronic finds, head to Akihabara while in Tokyo. When I had the opportunity to visit Japan, Akihabara (or Akiba) was part of the itinerary. Aptly called Tokyo’s electronic town, it is home to robotics, big appliances, micro and macro gadgets, the latest handheld PDA, laptops, otaku… Continue reading Akihabara: Tokyo’s e-town

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Choco art

Chocolates, chocolates! I loooove chocolates. I don’t know of any person who doesn’t have a love affair with this sweet temptation. I enjoy eating this delicacy especially when it’s of the dark variety. But I enjoy looking at chocolates, much as I enjoy eating them. Fortunately for me, I was able to see the Chocolate… Continue reading Choco art

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Marveling at Indian art

I’m not an art connoisseur,  but when I see one good masterpiece I know how to appreciate it. Because the fact is that all about life is art. And artistic works should be esteemed in detail. Not just  something scanned by the eyes and forgotten the next day. Probably the time I got to really… Continue reading Marveling at Indian art

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Tokyo Wedding

I’ve attended a lot of weddings and every time I get to witness one, I’d make comparisons on which one is unique and memorable. I’ve only seen traditional Filipino weddings and so, being a predominantly Christian country, I’ve only seen simple weddings held in a (Catholic or Protestant) church. I’ve witnessed a garden wedding, while there… Continue reading Tokyo Wedding