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Snowy Strawberry Choco Chiffon Cake

Strawberry cakes had always been my favorite. But it wasn’t until I watched KBS World’s Return of Superman did my fascination to make one from scratch started. I’m honestly impressed with the way Choo Sunghoon (Sarang’s dad) would make freshly handmade whipping cream. The outcome is a luscious cake topped with fresh strawberries that’s really… Continue reading Snowy Strawberry Choco Chiffon Cake

gustatory exploits

Holiday Blueberry Muffins

Browsing through my collection of food magazines, I was glad to come across a very important recipe for me: blueberry muffins. I was raring to go back to baking during the holiday season. I’m thankful then I had a few days of vacation last December to pursue my passion. But just before I did, I… Continue reading Holiday Blueberry Muffins

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2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

Twenty fourteen, 2014….I can’t yet fully grasp the fact the New Year came just  a few days ago. It was a  hectic schedule for me since December. There were parties, reunions, staycation, home cooking, bazaar hopping that I had to contend with during the last six weeks. It really is stressful to spend Christmas here… Continue reading 2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

gustatory exploits

Carrot Cake Muffins on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! This is indeed the time of year when we can relax and enjoy lazing at our homes, having family reunions and welcoming “inaanaks” who make the time and effort to visit you at home. However, my “clan” opted for a family gathering ahead of Christmas day and so visited us here in our… Continue reading Carrot Cake Muffins on Christmas Day

gustatory exploits

Peach Semifreddo

There’s a one whole can of peach halves sitting on our food counter. I thought of making a peach jam but after seeing this recipe featured in a Yummy Magazine, I immediately worked on using this peaches for a semifreddo treat. Making Peach Semifreddo is fun because it taught me to adopt that “wait-and-see” attitude… Continue reading Peach Semifreddo

gustatory exploits

Bread Pudding for Breakfast

When I don’t want stale bread to go to waste, I immediately think of making a bread pudding. It’s the easiest thing to do and the recipe is so simple. I got the basic recipe from Yummy Magazine (Summit Publishing) and I’m so happy that it helped me this much to be confident in baking.… Continue reading Bread Pudding for Breakfast

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Drama Review: Learning from the Baker King

One of the most memorable Korean drama that I’ve watched was Baker King. When it was aired on a late night slot by GMA-7 late last year, I was really captivated. I don’t know what made this K-drama so freaking addicting. It might have been because I’m into baking and love breads…I don’t know. But… Continue reading Drama Review: Learning from the Baker King

gustatory exploits

It’s a Leche Flan…

Aarrgh! I found myself laughing out loud when one of my friends mistook the Leche flan (egg custard) I made the other week as something else. Couldn’t blame her though; I don’t recognize my own work either.  I’ve been trying my best to perfect the craft. However, for some reason, I always end up following… Continue reading It’s a Leche Flan…