the world is a stage

The Red Paper Boat

This acrylic painting was given to me as a thank you gift. Thanks to Mr. Chris Mirang, one formidable hyperrealist painters in the Philippines, whom I had earlier featured here in my blog and at the lifestyle section of the Manila Bulletin. At one glance, one might think this is just a simple, idyllic scene… Continue reading The Red Paper Boat

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Looking ahead versus looking back

NEW YEAR–New beginnings, new hope. Time surely pass by so fast. If time is tangible I would have hoped it has strings that I can pull so I can hold on to a memory which I cherish and or loosen my grip on a memory  that I’d choose to let go. Some years back, that’s… Continue reading Looking ahead versus looking back


Your Best Life Now

One inspirational read that made an impact in my life was Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now. Almost all of my friends I know have read this one way or another and are absolutely raving about Osteen’s straightforward approach into living our lives victoriously the way God wants us to live it every day. I… Continue reading Your Best Life Now