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Shopping at Busan’s Nampodong

It’s hard to believe its already half of the year…five months to go and its Christmas season! Time flies so fast. My mind flashes back to scenes of my Christmas shopping last year… 🙂 Reminds me then, of my shopping spree experience at Nampo-dong in Busan last December that even the cold winter season failed… Continue reading Shopping at Busan’s Nampodong

itchy feet cravings

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (Busan part 2)

I’ve been to many Buddhist temples but this is the first time I’ve been to one that sports a spectacular view of the sea… Haedong Yonggungsa, definitely, nailed my search for one of my best travel spots in South Korea. It wasn’t even something I planned going to. Last year, when I got here with… Continue reading Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (Busan part 2)

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Getting to know dynamic Busan

It’s such a joy to finally find time to relax and doodle. Thank God for day-offs and breaks! It’s a good time to reminisce memories of travel and food trips. I’ve been putting off blogging about my first-time experience in Busan. It was early December last year (2014) when I had this wonderful opportunity. Since… Continue reading Getting to know dynamic Busan

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Summer cleansing with Innisfree’s Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam

Summer can be so dreadful here in Manila. I’m sweltering in the heat since this season came in. Putting on even the basics of make up can be daunting and disappointing. And the sad part of a summer experience—acne breakouts. Not that I’ve never had pimples before. I thought I’ve conquered acne problems but each… Continue reading Summer cleansing with Innisfree’s Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam