Taking on a new attitude this 2017

Sorry guys, it took me a while to get back to blogging. These days, I’m a bit under the weather. It’s disappointing to greet the New Year with clogged nose and fever. Then when I got back to work, it seems my workmates were also bogged down with flu… Everyone seems to be either sneezing… Continue reading Taking on a new attitude this 2017

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Faithful is He

I’m sorry my dear followers. I know I haven’t posted much blogs lately. Having a hard time catching up …So many things just happening around the country and around the world…Time flies so quickly. Hope I can just catch my breath, ‘coz in just a few days its gonna be…2017!!! So for all its worth,… Continue reading Faithful is He

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Touchdown Sydney

Wow! Had no words at the moment… I’m still in a state of euphoria. Just came back from a six-day vacation and this time from…Sydney!!! So happy and excited and so thankful to the Lord for another fave spot stricken off my bucket list. I’m ecstatic! šŸ˜€ I remember when I was a kid, I… Continue reading Touchdown Sydney


‘He Can Catch You When You Fall’

I just finished reading beauty queen turned blogger-evangelist Miriam Quiambao-Robertoā€™s book ā€œHe Can Catch You When You Fallā€ which I bought recently during the 37th International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center. I was fortunate to buy the book for only a P100, plus get it signed by the author itself and have a… Continue reading ‘He Can Catch You When You Fall’


2016: Make it Count!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long. I had to put off blogging for more than a month due to Christmas festivities. New Year also had me thinking twice of putting my fingers to write. But here I am again, looking forward to more awesome, fun-filled 2016,… Continue reading 2016: Make it Count!

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Celebrating Chinese NY at Manila’s Chinatown

I’m taking a quick break from blogging my Japan trip to tell you of my recent trip to Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown. My friends decided to come here to watch the celebration of the Chinese New Year. I’ve been raring to eat delicious dumplings, Chinese noodles and buy a box of my favoriteĀ tikoy–that sticky rice cake,… Continue reading Celebrating Chinese NY at Manila’s Chinatown


Love your life this 2015!

Wanna start the new year right? Then I suggest you read Victoria Osteen’s Love Your Lifeā€¦ Surely it will help you love the life God has in store for you this 2015! šŸ˜€ I felt empowered and refreshed after I read the book last year. Books like this must be in everyone’s shelves to stand… Continue reading Love your life this 2015!


I <3 2014

Iā€™ve been doing year-end reports lately and I decided to do my own personal end-of-the-year account. Twenty fourteen is indeed a year that was full of jitters and tears but that was overshadowed by abundantĀ blessings. Itā€™s the year once again, God showed how good he is as he miraculously helped me in all my ordeal.… Continue reading I ā¤ 2014

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2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

Twenty fourteen, 2014….I can’t yet fully grasp the fact the New Year came just Ā a few days ago. It was a Ā hectic schedule for me since December. There were parties, reunions, staycation, home cooking, bazaar hopping that I had to contend with during the last six weeks. It really is stressful to spend Christmas here… Continue reading 2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot


Be Thankful!

I wonder what’s wrong. Whenever the Holiday season sets in, I feel jubilant and so caught up with the holiday rush. I’m racing in front of bazaars, never minding the long queue at the Ā cashier or being jostled by the crowd in malls and popular tianggeĀ  or other local shopping destinations. Now, it’s two weeks… Continue reading Be Thankful!