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Faithful is He

I’m sorry my dear followers. I know I haven’t posted much blogs lately. Having a hard time catching up …So many things just happening around the country and around the world…Time flies so quickly. Hope I can just catch my breath, ‘coz in just a few days its gonna be…2017!!! So for all its worth,… Continue reading Faithful is He

itchy feet cravings

Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland

After experiencing Halloween at Universal Studios Japan, we spent Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland! We didn’t come here on the month of December but I was glad that Tokyo Disneyland was already on a Christmas mood as early as November. TD wasn’t really part of our itinerary because I was thinking a trip to USJ is enough.… Continue reading Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland


Be Thankful!

I wonder what’s wrong. Whenever the Holiday season sets in, I feel jubilant and so caught up with the holiday rush. I’m racing in front of bazaars, never minding the long queue at the  cashier or being jostled by the crowd in malls and popular tiangge  or other local shopping destinations. Now, it’s two weeks… Continue reading Be Thankful!


Thinking Less of Me (…early musings on 2013…)

Not everyone is given an opportunity to live another year,  and so I learned. Two weeks after New Year, I was still contemplating whether I should start 2013 blogging about resolutions and goals to achieve. I did, but personally; I just didn’t feel the need to write down on my blog my thoughts for this… Continue reading Thinking Less of Me (…early musings on 2013…)

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My New Year’s resolution: to eat like a Laotian

I promised myself that before the year 2012 is over, I would write again about my November visit to Vientiane. It was one of the most memorable events in my life this year. Maybe I ought to write a life recap before the New Year starts, but I felt the need to do this first.… Continue reading My New Year’s resolution: to eat like a Laotian

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Carrot Cake Muffins on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! This is indeed the time of year when we can relax and enjoy lazing at our homes, having family reunions and welcoming “inaanaks” who make the time and effort to visit you at home. However, my “clan” opted for a family gathering ahead of Christmas day and so visited us here in our… Continue reading Carrot Cake Muffins on Christmas Day

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Christmas Shopping Frenzy

In all my eagerness to join the Christmas rush, I have to put blogging aside. Sorry guys, I have to do this, I’ve just got to do this. I didn’t know it will take me almost a month before I start another entry here. When I saw a TV network announced its opening on Nov.… Continue reading Christmas Shopping Frenzy