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Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

Hot pots are the best during rainy season, when you can practically drag the whole family and friends to huddle in one table together, stirring your fave hotpot ingredients in hot swirling pork/chicken broth while chatting on day-to-day experiences. Definitely the best get-together experience for any occasion. Four Seasons Hotpot restaurant at the bay strip… Continue reading Healthy soups at Four Seasons hotpot

gustatory exploits

Creamy Pork and Beans Pasta

These rainy days, I’m a lazy chef. Can’t get my creative juices out and just wish I can spend the whole day in bed snuggled under the pillows. But unfortunately, work, work, work, work, work…gets in the way. ūüė¶ Recently, I’m trying to cut down on carbs and curb my unhealthy eating habits. I’m now… Continue reading Creamy Pork and Beans Pasta

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Katsu Sora at the Promenade

It’ll be a shame if I strike out Katsu Sora at the Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Centre in San Juan City from my list of fave hangouts for 2015. I dined here twice with some friends and the dining experience was truly authentic and good. I loooove, love, love their crunchy, yet tender and juicy, tonkatsu.… Continue reading Katsu Sora at the Promenade

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2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

Twenty fourteen, 2014….I can’t yet fully grasp the fact the New Year came just ¬†a few days ago. It was a ¬†hectic schedule for me since December. There were parties, reunions, staycation, home cooking, bazaar hopping that I had to contend with during the last six weeks. It really is stressful to spend Christmas here… Continue reading 2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

gustatory exploits

Rainy day eats: Pasta sa Aligue (Pasta in crab fats)

Normally, on a cold and rainy day, I would whip up something soupy. But today, my gut is telling me it’s craving for pasta. So I scoured our pantry for whatever available ingredient I can find to use for my pasta dish. Luckily for me, I still have half a bottle of “aligue” stored in… Continue reading Rainy day eats: Pasta sa Aligue (Pasta in crab fats)

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Mu Noodle Bar @ Glorietta 2

Famished as we were, my mom and I stepped inside Mu Noodle Bar at the revamped Glorietta 2 in Ayala Center, Makati one weekend to have lunch. At that time, this Chinese-Asian fusion restaurant was on ‘soft opening’ and there were no other customers inside the sleek black and orange interior. Nevertheless, I’m glad we… Continue reading Mu Noodle Bar @ Glorietta 2

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Mango and Kesong Puti salad

I’m foregoing meat this week, or so I’ll try. I decided to come up with a salad I’m familiar with. ¬†It’s typical of a green salad but I’m tossing in my favorite cheese: the local kesong puti¬† that I bought at the supermarket. It’s the Filipino version of a cottage cheese made from unskimmed carabao’s… Continue reading Mango and Kesong Puti salad

gustatory exploits

Dining at the New Spiral

Sofitel Hotel’s Spiral Restaurant has always topped my list of favorite dining spots in Manila and boy am I glad to see it weeks after it was relaunched in November 2012. Together with some friends, we checked out Spiral’s revamped look last December when we were there for lunch. We were immediately overwhelmed at how… Continue reading Dining at the New Spiral


It’s a new season…

I’m sorry, I didn’t blog that much last month. October is an all-month long birthday celebration for me. I had a hectic schedule. I had to treat almost all of my friends and family to endless buffet dinners and crazy gimmicks. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful ¬†time. For some, celebrating birthdays could be burdensome. Not… Continue reading It’s a new season…

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Taking it easy in KL (shopping and eating galore)

It’s a given that when you’re in another part of the world, shopping is part of the itinerary. That’s what was in my mind ¬†the moment I stepped foot on KL. There are so many shopping destinations you can try. Even with limited time, my friends and I were able to shop at KL Central… Continue reading Taking it easy in KL (shopping and eating galore)