30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

Normally, I don’t re-blog other blogger’s work but recently I found myself re-reading this piece written by Marc Chernoff at I just finished doing my daily devotion reading Matthew 20:16 and Today’s Word with Joel Osteen where he emphasized how as Christians we should be making room for something greater. Afterwards, I stumbled on… Continue reading 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

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Those beach-y moments…

Whenever I yearn for solitude, I browse for beach photos stored in my laptop during out of town trips. Reminiscing those moments I was near tranquil waters, resigned peacefully to the healing power of God’s nature is enough to bring me back to sanity. Incidentally, one of the images that popped on my computer screen was… Continue reading Those beach-y moments…

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Sweet Seoul Spring

Oh my! Time flies so fast and I neglected to even post a miniscule event in my life this April. Indulge me. I had a few things to do this month. It’s my mom’s birthday and I’ve been agitated as it is, after deciding (since last year) that we will spend her birth anniversary one… Continue reading Sweet Seoul Spring


Thinking Less of Me (…early musings on 2013…)

Not everyone is given an opportunity to live another year,  and so I learned. Two weeks after New Year, I was still contemplating whether I should start 2013 blogging about resolutions and goals to achieve. I did, but personally; I just didn’t feel the need to write down on my blog my thoughts for this… Continue reading Thinking Less of Me (…early musings on 2013…)

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My New Year’s resolution: to eat like a Laotian

I promised myself that before the year 2012 is over, I would write again about my November visit to Vientiane. It was one of the most memorable events in my life this year. Maybe I ought to write a life recap before the New Year starts, but I felt the need to do this first.… Continue reading My New Year’s resolution: to eat like a Laotian


It’s a new season…

I’m sorry, I didn’t blog that much last month. October is an all-month long birthday celebration for me. I had a hectic schedule. I had to treat almost all of my friends and family to endless buffet dinners and crazy gimmicks. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful  time. For some, celebrating birthdays could be burdensome. Not… Continue reading It’s a new season…

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The Mind Museum

Once, I found myself thinking of ways to spend some good quality time with my  “inaanak” (god daughter) whom I haven’t seen for quite sometime.  I heard from her mother she got high grades and is an achiever in pre-school. I’m so proud of her. Her parents, I’m sure, were ecstatic. That’s when I realized… Continue reading The Mind Museum

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The Red Paper Boat

This acrylic painting was given to me as a thank you gift. Thanks to Mr. Chris Mirang, one formidable hyperrealist painters in the Philippines, whom I had earlier featured here in my blog and at the lifestyle section of the Manila Bulletin. At one glance, one might think this is just a simple, idyllic scene… Continue reading The Red Paper Boat

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Reflections of a Filipino visual artist

Last month, I got a rare invitation from an award-winning Filipino realist painter to view his masterpieces right inside his home. It was an opportunity I dare not miss; after all, it’s not every day I get to know somebody who is a staple in the visual art scene. I am no art connoisseur but… Continue reading Reflections of a Filipino visual artist

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Looking ahead versus looking back

NEW YEAR–New beginnings, new hope. Time surely pass by so fast. If time is tangible I would have hoped it has strings that I can pull so I can hold on to a memory which I cherish and or loosen my grip on a memory  that I’d choose to let go. Some years back, that’s… Continue reading Looking ahead versus looking back