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Getting stuck at Chibo Okonomiyaki and loving it

  It’s always a great idea to spend the time dining at a restaurant inside a mall while waiting for the heavy downpour of rain to stop outside the walls. Why not, especially if the place is located inside the posh S Maison retail complex in Conrad, the newest hotel that opened at the Mall of… Continue reading Getting stuck at Chibo Okonomiyaki and loving it

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Tokyo Diaries: Ueno

Another winning place in Tokyo where you can feel the good old time vibes and roam around for free most of the time is in Ueno. If you’re a budget traveler and the type who prefers to be in a solitary place, then hie off to this famous district in Taito ward. My friend and… Continue reading Tokyo Diaries: Ueno

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Tokyo Diaries: Yasukuni Shrine

My mom confirmed to me once that our ancestry is a mix of Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. We didn’t acquire Japanese ancestry until after 1945. You probably guessed it now. I’m struggling to accept the fact that my great grandmother, as my mom said, could have been one of those who unfortunately had been part of the degrading scheme… Continue reading Tokyo Diaries: Yasukuni Shrine

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Tokyo diaries: Asakusa

After having a blast at Tokyo Skytree and Sumida Aquarium, we took a five-minute subway ride to Asakusa. By the time we got to Asakusa, our stomachs were growling, telling us its already past lunch time and we haven’t eaten anything yet. Good thing we found this little takoyaki food stall at the corner of… Continue reading Tokyo diaries: Asakusa

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Tokyo diaries: Tokyo Skytree, Sumida Aquarium

The last time I was in Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree was still under construction. Tokyo Tower was the only tourist tower attraction available as an option. That’s why the moment our 10-day Japan vacation became positive, I listed Tokyo SkyTree in our itinerary. I made a resolution to come visit this as soon as we start… Continue reading Tokyo diaries: Tokyo Skytree, Sumida Aquarium

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Kyoto in 12 hours

For those who’ve been to Kyoto, you probably felt like you’re in a place where time stood still. The feeling is mutual. If I can, I’d like to stay here forever, for a long, long time. But alas, no. I only got to be here for only about 12 hours. But even though we had… Continue reading Kyoto in 12 hours

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Osaka Castle, up close and personal

I still have a lot of photos and stories to share about my 10-day Japan trip last November 2014. One of this was our arduous trek to Osaka Castle. Arduous, because our feet was aching so much already on the third day of our stay in Osaka. But it was definitely worth it! Because we… Continue reading Osaka Castle, up close and personal