Taking on a new attitude this 2017

Sorry guys, it took me a while to get back to blogging. These days, I’m a bit under the weather. It’s disappointing to greet the New Year with clogged nose and fever. Then when I got back to work, it seems my workmates were also bogged down with flu… Everyone seems to be either sneezing… Continue reading Taking on a new attitude this 2017

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‘Oh My Venus’ and my fitness goals for 2016

Ironic as it may seem, but I started the New Year watching the last episodes of ‘Oh My Venus!’—the Korean drama that hooked me just before 2015 ended. I love this rom-com not only because its very funny, the actors were superb A-listers, So Ji Sub is sooo downright cool that I want him and… Continue reading ‘Oh My Venus’ and my fitness goals for 2016


2016: Make it Count!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long. I had to put off blogging for more than a month due to Christmas festivities. New Year also had me thinking twice of putting my fingers to write. But here I am again, looking forward to more awesome, fun-filled 2016,… Continue reading 2016: Make it Count!


Love your life this 2015!

Wanna start the new year right? Then I suggest you read Victoria Osteen’s Love Your Life… Surely it will help you love the life God has in store for you this 2015! 😀 I felt empowered and refreshed after I read the book last year. Books like this must be in everyone’s shelves to stand… Continue reading Love your life this 2015!


I <3 2014

I’ve been doing year-end reports lately and I decided to do my own personal end-of-the-year account. Twenty fourteen is indeed a year that was full of jitters and tears but that was overshadowed by abundant blessings. It’s the year once again, God showed how good he is as he miraculously helped me in all my ordeal.… Continue reading I ❤ 2014

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2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot

Twenty fourteen, 2014….I can’t yet fully grasp the fact the New Year came just  a few days ago. It was a  hectic schedule for me since December. There were parties, reunions, staycation, home cooking, bazaar hopping that I had to contend with during the last six weeks. It really is stressful to spend Christmas here… Continue reading 2014: of NY blues, blueberry muffins and hot pot


Thinking Less of Me (…early musings on 2013…)

Not everyone is given an opportunity to live another year,  and so I learned. Two weeks after New Year, I was still contemplating whether I should start 2013 blogging about resolutions and goals to achieve. I did, but personally; I just didn’t feel the need to write down on my blog my thoughts for this… Continue reading Thinking Less of Me (…early musings on 2013…)

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My New Year’s resolution: to eat like a Laotian

I promised myself that before the year 2012 is over, I would write again about my November visit to Vientiane. It was one of the most memorable events in my life this year. Maybe I ought to write a life recap before the New Year starts, but I felt the need to do this first.… Continue reading My New Year’s resolution: to eat like a Laotian

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Looking ahead versus looking back

NEW YEAR–New beginnings, new hope. Time surely pass by so fast. If time is tangible I would have hoped it has strings that I can pull so I can hold on to a memory which I cherish and or loosen my grip on a memory  that I’d choose to let go. Some years back, that’s… Continue reading Looking ahead versus looking back