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When in Cebu, try Rico’s

Are you craving for scrumptious lechon while in Cebu? Then consider this a heads up: try dining at Rico’s. I’ve tasted a hundred version of the Pinoy’s revered succulent roasted pig, but when I’m in Cebu,  my gastronomic compass points me to Rico’s  Lechon restaurant.       Be careful, though, if you’re experiencing some… Continue reading When in Cebu, try Rico’s

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Aurora’s Millennium Tree

I know I’m blogging this part of my Aurora travel adventure a bit late. The truth is I nearly forgot this was even part of our itinerary when we spent our time here last Holy Week! If I didn’t check out the photos in my old phone (which my mom is now using), I would… Continue reading Aurora’s Millennium Tree

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Staycation at Cebu

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for weeks now. I was a having a little difficulty squeezing some quality blog time lately ‘coz of a little dilemma with skin asthma and a whole lot of things. Quite big for me—first time I experienced this. I had to go to and from hospital… Continue reading Staycation at Cebu

gustatory exploits · itchy feet cravings

Lakbay Baguio: Café in the Sky and Sitio “La Presa”

I celebrated Father’s Day (sans my Dad who passed away in 2005) in Baguio’s famed Café in the Sky and Sitio La Presa. Actually it’s not part of Baguio City, but of Mt. Santo Tomas, in Tuba, Benguet. Living here for a few days, away from a hectic schedule and city buzz, makes one feel… Continue reading Lakbay Baguio: Café in the Sky and Sitio “La Presa”

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Three Days of Trekking in Baler

My legs were burning by the time we were about to board the bus back to Manila. I didn’t know that trekking activities would dominate the most part of our 4-day itinerary in Baler, Aurora. I’ve heard it’s a perfect exercise but I really don’t like climbing. Had I known it, I would have prepped myself first but… Continue reading Three Days of Trekking in Baler

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Lakbay Baguio: Mines View Park in a hurry

I can vividly recall my earliest visit to Baguio’s famed Mines View Park. I was a young girl back then, around 8 or 9 years old, standing at the side of the ridge watching some tourists throw loose change down the ravine where young agile children are waiting with cups they use to catch loose… Continue reading Lakbay Baguio: Mines View Park in a hurry

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Brunch at Café By the Ruins

I sure miss those days when going up to Baguio City was a breeze, and you always look forward to an exhilarating experience. That was, I think, during the 1980s. The last time I went up here was around 2005 or 2006 and the city was celebrating Panagbenga Festival. It was so crowded I didn’t… Continue reading Brunch at Café By the Ruins

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Hibernating in Sorsogon and Albay

I was about to forego blogging this month of October, but I guess my spirit just can’t contain the excitement and joy I experienced just a week ago. And so, before this month ends, lemme tell you how incredibly surprised I was over God’s birthday gift to me–a trip to Sorsogon! God really never fails… Continue reading Hibernating in Sorsogon and Albay

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Tokyo Diaries: Yasukuni Shrine

My mom confirmed to me once that our ancestry is a mix of Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. We didn’t acquire Japanese ancestry until after 1945. You probably guessed it now. I’m struggling to accept the fact that my great grandmother, as my mom said, could have been one of those who unfortunately had been part of the degrading scheme… Continue reading Tokyo Diaries: Yasukuni Shrine

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A trip to Tagaytay was the best thing I ever did this October. I missed traveling lately and it’s been a while since I got a chance to go on an escapade. So, since I’m celebrating my birthday this month, I chose to do pocket celebrations with some close friends, with an out-of-town trip, that is.… Continue reading Tagaytay